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Find a New Career as a Health Care Professional

Written by Sheryl Posnick

Sometimes, the desire to be involved in medicine might not strike when you’re young. But then, inspiration hits. Maybe a life-changing event calls you to help others; maybe you realize that after pursuing another career, you have a skill set that lends itself perfectly to the rapidly evolving healthcare field.

Even if you amassed a course load (and a degree) that has nothing to do with health care, never fear–it’s never too late for a career change into the growing and thriving medical profession.

Your first step? Look for a postbaccalaureate program specifically designed to give you the core science classes you missed the first time around that you’ll need for your desired role. (Nurse? Doctor? Veterinarian? Dentist? They’re all up for grabs!)

Next, find a mentor. Most programs are designed with career changers in mind and offer a wealth of opportunities to strike out on a path tailor-made for your life. Find a professional you hope to emulate and pick his or her brain. And don’t forget to contact other recent career changers who have been there and can give you advice from the trenches.

Finally, pursue this major undertaking with confidence! Whether you’re fresh out of college and want a redo or are decades into your career, many resources are available for you enter the medical field and leave your mark.

So you’re thinking of a new career in medicine

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