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How Do I Find the Right Job for Me? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Written by Sheryl Posnick

there’s a vast career world out there, fill with jobs of all kinds. regardless of your situation, finding the right job is never easy. maybe you’re fresh out of school and not quite sure where to begin with your career. maybe you’ve started out for a year or so and realized you’re on the wrong foot, and want to see what else is out there. hey, maybe you’ve put in 10-20 years and have realized you want to explore a new avenue.

whatever the case, we want to provide you with the best jobs out there for a variety of scenarios. read on, start researching, and find the right job (and hopefully career) that will bring out the best in you.

best jobs with a high school diploma

if you have your high school degree in hand and are looking to enter the working world right away, you’re in luck: there are a world of jobs out there, and some of them come with a hefty paycheck:

your top 10 job options with a high school diploma

11 high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree

search for moneymaking jobs you can get with a high school diploma

and if you need a leg up on your job hunt, we’re here for you on that. thejobnetwork has thousands of listings for you to explore, no matter what field you hope to enter. check a few out below, and search for yourself to find the specific type of nursing that interests you.

search for:

best jobs with a college degree

if you’ve made your way through a higher education program, another world of jobs can open up for you: from banking to broadcasting, or teaching to transportation. you’re only limited by your reseach and your job applications. read on to learn more about the many avenues open to you–some that can come with a hefty paycheck!

the best jobs for recent college graduates

10 highest paying jobs for college graduates

search for moneymaking jobs you can get with a college diploma

let thejobnetwork help you find these great gigs. check out the below for listings, or search on your own to explore any field–thousands of listings await!

search for:

best jobs for a happy life

maybe you’re not only out to find employment, you’re also out to design a career that will keep you (and by association, your family) happy. did you know it’s 100% possible to find a gig that you enjoy going to most days? and not only that, some of these jobs also come with a sweet paycheck.

13 best jobs for good work life-balance

top 7 least stressful jobs that pay big money [infographic]

and hey, while you’re planning out something practical (like the jobs above), you can also dare to dream. check out these pie-in-the-sky jobs and imagine a life of riding waterslides all day.

15 best jobs in the world

search for jobs that give you a balanced life

check out these listings from thejobnetwork for jobs that pay well and don’t occupy you at all hours of the day (and weekends!)

best jobs for a hefty paycheck

maybe you have your eye on the prize–that is, a prize paycheck that will pay the bills… and then some. take a look at the following, where we explore the highest paying jobs in several industries. whether you want to commit to a nursing degree and full-time career or pick up some extra work on the side, these will give you a place to start and a direction to pursue if you need to find gigs that offer the highest pay for your time.

top 7 highest paying nursing jobs

which fields have the highest paying administrative jobs?

10 high-paying construction jobs that don’t require a college degree

10 highest paying part time jobs

search high-paying jobs

begin by checking out these listings which give you a sense of what’s open and the credentials you’ll need to land your next (or first) job.

best jobs in every area of the country

no matter where you live (or where you want to move, or where you have to move), we’ve got you covered. read on to explore the top jobs in every region of the united states. if you’re in a rut and want to know what’s thriving or need to move and what to know what to pursue, it can help to understand where your area of the country specializes and whether or not there’s a role for you.

the top 5 jobs in every major industry in the west

top 5 jobs in the southwest

top 5 jobs in the midwest

the top 5 major industry jobs in the southeast

the top 5 jobs in the northeast

the top jobs in the u.s. mountain plains region

5 of the best cities to find a job in right now

maybe you’re fresh out of high school or college, diploma in hand, and wondering how to shape your career. taking a look at a map of the country and then planning your path according to what is lucrative and hiring is a smart and targeted way to find career success!

search top jobs in each region

looking for a job right now? check out the below listings for popular jobs in every area of the u.s.:

whether you’re just staring out or looking for a big change, thejobnetwork has you covered, no matter your experience level or desired field. search today and start your career!

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Sheryl Posnick is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and president of Red Letter Content, an editorial company with a focus on educational, test preparation, and career readiness materials.