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Written by Miranda Pennington

The most perfect resume and cover letter in the world won’t get you anywhere unless you’ve found the right job to send them to! The referral experts at have some suggestions to turn your job search from isolated and unproductive to successful and efficient.

Pounding the Pavement

First, a classic—walking your resume and cover letter into the office of a company you’re interested in. It’s not for every organization; do your research first and make sure they don’t have an online application process you should submit through instead. Once you’ve identified companies that are likely to be receptive (look for smaller organizations that have an on-site hiring manager or HR department) dress professionally, print your materials on high-quality paper, and introduce yourself politely to the receptionist. Even if they’re not hiring at the moment, they may remember you favorably when they next have an opening.


This one sounds retro too, but you can find some real gems buried in the wanted section of your local paper or papers from nearby towns and cities, if you happen to swing through and find the commute appealing.

Online Job Search Sites

This is the most obvious and popular option–and if you don’t have access to a computer regularly, there are likely libraries or even public employment offices near you that provide assistance.,,, and even (especially if you’re looking for less formal or part-time work) all give you the option to create a profile and submit applications for job openings that are updated every single day.

If you have a degree already, consider reaching out to your school’s career office–they will likely have advisors able to consult on your resume, suggest places to submit, and provide recommendations and other resources for your search.

Good luck!

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