7 Fun Challenges to Hold During Your Office Olympics

Written by Kate Lopaze

Olympic fever, 2016 edition, has set in. And although you’d rather be sitting on your couch watching round-the-clock streams of water polo and steeplechase, there’s the pesky fact that unlike Bob Costas, you’re not paid to live, breathe, and eat Olympics for the next few weeks. So you need to go to work—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave all things Olympic behind.

Here are some Olympic events you can host at work, until you can get home and watch the USA basketball team humiliate some tiny nation that doesn’t have an NBA-packed roster.

1. Competitive Chair Swivel

How many times can you spin without your feet touching the ground?

2. Synchronized Stair Walking

It builds teamwork!

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3. The 100M Freestyle Hallway Swim

Eat your heart out, Michael Phelps.

4. Lobby Gymnastics

Be sure to stick the landing!

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5. Cubicle Hurdles

Maybe don’t do this one without a doctor present, or if your company has policies against, uh, dangerous activities.

6. Water Cooler Clean-and-Jerk

How much can you lift without getting your shoes wet?

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7. Parking Lot Marathon

Get ready for 26.2 meters of glory.

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The Closing Ceremony

Don’t leave it out–pageantry is important!

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