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Healthcare Adds 41,000 More Jobs in August: Which Sectors are Surging?

Written by Jessie Liu

The unemployment rate has finally decreased to what it was in 2008 and more Americans are finding gainful employment. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health care sector—jobs there increased by 41,000 this summer, accounting for about 25% of the 173,000 jobs added in August 2015.

There are two main factors to credit for this surge: the success of the Affordable Care Act has meant an increase in insured individuals and the growing number of aging Americans needing care in their advanced age.

This good news also means that multiple health care areas are hiring: 21,000 jobs were added to ambulatory centers recently, and hospitals also increased their workforce by adding 16,000 jobs. Even physicians’ offices saw rapid gains with 7,000 additional jobs. The number of workers in the health care sector in August topped 15.2 million.

Dentists Lead the Pack

Job openings for dentists are expected to exceed 16 percent growth by 2022. These health care professionals enjoy an excellent life/work balance and make a comfortable salary.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Nurse practitioners help physicians by doing many duties such as approving treatments, counseling patients, and performing some exams. Their median salary is $92,000, and the upcoming number of job openings is expected to exceed 37,000.


Physicians are needed in almost every specialty. The employment rate is expected to exceed 18 percent, or 123,300 jobs. A physician’s median salary is about $186, 000.

Dental Hygienist

These health care workers are instrumental in helping patients achieve good oral health through counseling services. Jobs are available in schools, dental offices, and the public health system. Many dental hygienists also work in research.

Dental hygienists who work at part-time jobs make approximately $34 per hour. There are 64,200 jobs expected to be available, with a median salary of about $71,000.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are needed for a wide range of jobs—from working with accident victims to helping the elderly regain an independent lifestyle. There are 73,500 new jobs expected on the horizon. These health care workers have an annual salary of approximately $79,000.

Physician Assistant

The role of the physician assistant is growing in popularity. These professionals work in private primary care and family medicine offices, as well as emergency rooms. Overall, 33,300 jobs are expected to be available with an annual salary of $90,930.

Occupational Therapist

As more and more patients are trying to live an independent life after a wide assortment of illnesses, occupational therapists are enjoying excellent job growth. These health care workers are employed in rehab centers, medical offices, hospitals, and schools. Some also visit patient homes.

About 32,000 new jobs will be open for this speciality, which pays in the neighborhood of $75,000.

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