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20 Highest Paying Jobs With the Highest Growth

Written by Randy Stancovici

Whether you’re entering the job market or are just looking for a change, The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great source of information to aid you in your job search. You can find details on employment rates, jobs, and industry specifics. And now with the changing political climate, it has become more important than ever to keep an eye out for trends that may impact your job search.

That being said, the BLS has projected the top 20 highest paying jobs that are expected to grow in the next 10 years. Take a look at the chart below for specifics.


If you’re interested, you can apply below.

1. Accountant and auditors

2. Combined food preparation and servers

3. Computer systems analysts

4. Construction laborers 

5. Cooks, restaurants 

6. Customer service restaurants

7.  First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers 

8. General and operations manager

9. Home health aides

10. Janitors and cleaners 

11. Laborers and freight 

12. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses 

13. Maids and housing cleaners 

14. Medical assistants

15. Medical secretaries 

16. Nursing assistants 

17. Personal care aids

18. Registered nurses 

19. Retail salespersons 

20. Software developers 


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