How the Trucking Industry Can Help End Distracted Driving

Written by Peter Jones

Distracted driving is an epidemic claiming far too many lives each year. One company, KRST (Keeping Roads Safe Technologies, Inc.) is ready to take that epidemic on, and is currently looking for partners within the trucking industry to help them fight it.

The Halifax-based company proposes to monitor how, when, and why truckers use their mobile phones while driving. The company has designed two devices to be installed in any company vehicles that would collect and analyze this information. The first, CellAware, would give trucking companies precise data about their employees’ cell phone usage on the road. The second, KRSTI, would actually delay all calls and text messages on a driver’s phone until his or her vehicle’s engine had been turned off.

The devices could also provide valuable information about mileage, fuel consumption, and location-tracking, as well as distance travelled without incident, all the while monitoring and reporting any attempted calls, texts, or tampering with the vehicle in motion.

KRST plans to manufacture 5,000 of these devices and kick off the program—at no charge to the participating companies—in January 2016. Companies wanting to get involved should call +1 844-993-4357.

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