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How to Build Your Reputation at Work

Written by Jessie Liu

Having a good reputation at work is not only important to get along well with your colleagues, a less than pleasant reputation can follow you to future jobs and hold you back. If you’ve been too gossipy, difficult, testy or unreliable with your coworkers, it isn’t too late to change their perception of you by doing a little damage control. A few tips can get you started on the way to becoming an employee with a good reputation and these tips work for all types of jobs, whether in a health care job, at a desk or outdoors in construction.

Keep Deadlines

Your reputation can be injured if you are one of those people who promises faithfully to have your work finished on time but can’t seem to hit that deadline. While you might be the nicest person in the office, bringing in homemade brownies and remembering everyone’s birthday with a card, that won’t count for much if you don’t get your work done on time. Make a serious effort to get your work in on time, and your reputation as a reliable employee will increase.

Make Your Office the No Whining Zone

Every business environment has an employee who complains and is negative all the time. Instead of complaining and rehashing a complaint to everyone at work, if you have an objection to some issue or way of doing something, just say it and move on. When you do have an objection to something, try and say it tactfully and perhaps offer a suggestion that might be an improvement.

Stay Away From Gossip

All workplaces seem to have a gossip, and gossiping and spreading tales is a good way to get a damaged reputation. Ignore the office negativity and never spread rumors because it might come back to you in a bad way. If you feel the need to talk to someone, make it a friend outside the office environment. Gossiping at work can create hard feelings among other employees and cause you to lose their trust.

Learn to Prioritize and Be Prepared

Everyone in a business setting knows at least one individual who doesn’t carry his or her load and is unprepared. This is a big way you can damage your reputation. It can make you look uninterested, lazy or flighty, even though you have the best of intentions. Use a calendar or planner to organize your work, include notations, deadlines and other information that can help you get the job done. Don’t take on more work than you know you can do. While you might want to be perceived as a super worker in the office, that can backfire if you can’t get the work done on time. Spend a little time to prepare for meetings in advance. Showing up at a meeting appearing as though you are the only one who doesn’t know what is going on can not only be embarrassing, but it can make others wonder why you are there.

Offer an Apology

If you do something wrong or offend someone at work, apologize for it. A sincere apology can do a lot to raise yourself in the eyes of others. If you are late getting your work done or were in a hurry and brusque with someone, an apology can go a long way toward making amends.

How Long It Takes to Change a Reputation

The amount of time it takes to raise a reputation can depend on what the offenses were and how long your reputation has been suffering. Just remember that once you begin to change that pattern, the faster you will reach your goal. People tend to be forgiving, especially when they see that someone is trying to improve themselves.

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