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How to Find the Best Trucking Jobs

Written by Peter Jones

The New Year is the best time to be looking for trucking jobs, whether you’re a rookie rigger or an old pro. Here are a few ways to make your job search more successful.

Look Good Online

Google yourself. And check your Facebook settings. Are all the photos of you doing strip karaoke at the Christmas party visible to anyone who searches for you? Consider changing your privacy settings, or taking down a few posts or photos that might be offensive or might make you look like a less-than-responsible choice for a hiring manager.

Look Good on Paper

If you don’t already have a resume, it’s time to make one. That way, if a hiring manager asks you for one you won’t have to make her wait. Make sure to save your resume in multiple file formats, and email a few to yourself so you can share it easily on the go. Make sure to also save a copy to a file-sharing cloud platform like Dropbox or Google Drive, for back-up, as well as on your laptop or computer. Print a few copies on professional, high-quality paper, as well as on regular copy paper for mailing. And remember to check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting!

Wow ‘em

Include any experience or education that might be relevant to the trucking industry—any experience with heavy machinery, driving, towing, working with automobiles, etc. Also include any computer or technical expertise you might have, as well as any other dazzling skills.

Give yourself an edge by proving you’re a reliable, self-starting candidate who can handle the tough jobs. Then go out and get those jobs.

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