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How to gain inspiration from 6 crazy tactics that got people hired

Written by Michael Hoon

A strong resume and a quality educational background are key factors in getting hired. However, sometimes it takes a little more to nab a job. We don’t necessarily recommend that you try the following 6 crazy tactics that got people hired, but they did work for others, so who knows? Maybe they could work for you too. Proceed at your own risk…

1. Use your artistry to impress.

Grab attention however you can. The holiday season once inspired a woman to transform the exterior of her Georgia home into a festive resume. She used Christmas lights to spell out her desire for a job on the front of her house: “My wish, HR job, Liz Hickok, LinkedIn.” The stunt apparently scored her a lot of contacts on LinkedIn. That’s networking at its most sparkly!

2. Turn your resume into an interactive experience!

If you’re applying to a non-traditional company, why not wow them with a resume they’ll be talking about long after you’ve been hired? Graeme Anthony was a PR and social media consultant who used his particular skills to put together a highly untraditional resume. Instead of listing his work experience and accomplishments on paper he went the digital route, creating an interactive video resume to get a job. His video stimulated so many job offers that he decided to become a freelancer to work for as many of the interested companies as he could.

3. Be persistent.

Frankly, stalking a company is a big no-no when trying to get a job. However, this crazy tactic worked for Flavie Bagnol, who was so intent on getting a job at CBS that she called the person in charge of hiring every day until she pinned down a meeting. The best takeaway here is to set your sights on a field, company, or title, and put all of your energy into reaching out to vital people with connections until you make the one that sticks.

4. Put your information where important people are sure to see it.

Would you ever think that Google-stalking could lead to a job? Admit it. You’ve looked up your own name on Google to see what was out there. Everybody does it, including the people who might hire you. Alec Brownstein took advantage of that fact by creating Google ads for a number of creative directors in the advertising field he hoped to break into. Whenever these directors Google-stalked themselves, the results included Google ads with a personalized message from Brownstein asking for a job interview. The stunt got the enterprising fellow a job at Young and Rubicam.

5. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality.

Richard Waddington was dashing out of his home to a job interview when his 4-year old daughter offered him a good luck charm: a little toy cow. Waddington was so charmed by the gesture that he stuck the cow in his pocket before leaving. During his interview, the HR person warned him that the office environment was a “little crazy” and asked him if he thought he would “fit in” in such a place. His response: “I have a cow in my pocket.” He then produced the little, plastic bovine from his pocket, a move that so delighted the HR exec that Waddington got the job.

6. When all else fails, candy might work.

Paper is such a boring vehicle for your resume. It doesn’t even taste good! Chocolate, however, is scrumptious. A marketing professional named Nicholas used that universal truth to his advantage when he printed his resume on a wrapper wrapped around a bar of chocolate. The stunt got him the job of his sweet dreams. Whether or not his employer ate the chocolate remains a mystery.

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