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How to Handle Your Job Search During the Holidays

Written by Jessie Liu

while you might think job searching during the holidays is a waste of effort, nothing could be further from the truth. there are fewer job seekers during the holiday season, employers are shorter on applicants and recruiters are less busy. that makes it the perfect time to reach out and find that great job. so get your retail resume ready and start applying to retail jobs. here are a few tips that can get you moving to make a success of your holiday job search.

1. take a temporary job

many employers add on extra help during the holidays, and this is a good time to pick up a temporary job or part-time job that might lead to something permanent. this is a particularly good time to find sales jobs, retail jobs and customer service jobs. hospitality job availability also picks up during the holidays and has openings in restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

2. ’tis the season to reconnect

the holiday season is a good time to reconnect with former co-workers, friends, family and individuals you know who might have a lead on a job. sending holiday cards or emails with an upbeat notation on how you are job searching may end up with leads or recommendations. if you aren’t sure what holidays these individuals celebrate, a new year’s greeting is always appropriate.

3. do volunteer work

the holidays are a time when many charitable organizations are fundraising and need more volunteers. this is an opportunity to meet new people and network. it also looks good on a resume to show that you are active in the community and support worthy causes.

4. attend holiday events

people who attend holiday get-togethers, events and parties are normally in a good mood because they are enjoying themselves. this can be a good opportunity to take along a few of your business cards and, if someone expresses interest or knows of a good job opening, you can hand them one of your cards. afterward, don’t forget to express appreciation for their help.

5. remain flexible

recruiters are extremely busy people, but less so during the holidays because many people stop looking for jobs this time of year. because competition is less, this may be a good time to talk to a recruiter. try to remain flexible if you can get an interview, because it may be difficult to fit you in at a different time. many recruiters work through the holiday season, so it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity.

6. check your resume

if you are finding fewer job opportunities during the holidays, this might be a time to take a look at your resume. ensure that all information is up-to-date, and change any parts that could benefit from a fresher approach. don’t forget about your linkedin account. this may be a good time to do some updating, rewriting and have a more flattering photo taken for your profile.

7. create your own website

having your own personal website is an ideal way to get your skills and accomplishments known. however, it takes some time to create one, and fashioning your own website over the holidays may be good timing. by showing this website to hiring managers, you have more opportunity to make a good impression and expand information on your skills.

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