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How to Land an Interview When You Aren’t Qualified

Written by Jessie Liu

Anyone searching for a job has spotted classified job ads for what appear to be interesting positions. However, the person’s skills might be less than perfect, and he or she is hesitant to put in an application. Even if your qualifications aren’t a perfect match, should you go ahead and apply? Learn how to prove you are a good match for the position, even if your qualifications aren’t the best match.

Not All People Being Interviewed Have the Qualifications

The first thing you need to know when thinking about applying for a position you found in the job classifieds you don’t have all the qualifications for is that you aren’t alone. According to a survey, 92 percent of job seekers find interviews stressful, and 11 percent feel they may be underqualified for the position they are seeking. If you have most of the qualifications the company is looking for, you shouldn’t dismiss applying for the job, especially if you can add on to your skillset to match the qualifications or have other things to offer.

Focus on Your Skills

If a company is advertising for a hire who has extensive experience in a position, this may not be the job to apply for if you are a recent graduate or your experience is limited. However, a lack of technical skills in the job requirements is doable because you can catch up on those before the interview. When your skills are a little short of the mark, focus on your transferrable skills and accentuate your soft skills such as your versatility, how you were an asset in previous jobs and ability to be a team player.

Honesty Helps

Let’s say the position calls for five-years of experience in the field, but you only have two. Sometimes, job ads can stretch the qualifications hoping to get that master candidate to apply. That doesn’t mean the company has all the job requirements written in stone. Use this opportunity to explain why you would be a good candidate, despite the shorter work experience.

Let Your Resume Speak for You

A good resume will help get your foot in the door. Write it and include your qualifications that fit the description for the position, ensure that no errors in spelling or grammar exist and follow up a few days later. Being professional and showing interest can’t hurt your chances of getting that important first interview. Use your resume to show what a great candidate you are and how you have the motivation to fit well into the position.

Preparation Is Key to a Successful Interview

It’s easier to conduct a successful interview if you have done your homework and learned about the company. This makes it simpler to answer and ask questions and shows that you are interested in that particular job. You can learn a lot by checking out the company’s website, LinkedIn page and Facebook. Knowledge is power, and appearing knowledgeable about the company shows that you’ve invested some time into learning how you can fit in.

Interviews Are Conducted the Same Way

Whether in person or on the phone, interviews are conducted the same way and should be prepared for the same. On a phone interview, dress professionally as you would for an in-person interview and remove any distractions behind you that might interfere, such as a busy background or noise that might disrupt. Prepare in advance since you might not know when the interviewer will call.

Confidence, poise and advance preparation can help you get your dream job, even if your qualifications might fall a bit short. TheJobNetwork helps you find job openings the easy way by sending you email notices as soon as those jobs become available. All you need to do is fill out your qualifications and job interests to get started. You can start right now when you sign up with TheJobNetwork.

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