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How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

Written by Jessie Liu

Some job seekers may be under the mistaken impression that having a remote interview is easier that interviewing for a position in person. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, remote interviews are becoming more common as workers are hired to work from home in the millions. Because an individual being interviewed wants to make the best impression during a remote interview, a few tips can help.

1. Prep the Area for Your Interview

Setting up for your interview in a messy room with children’s toys or other personal items around can make you appear unprofessional. In addition, letting an interviewer see the way you live is giving out unnecessary information that does not pertain to the job. When you set up for your interview, look around at what the interviewer will be seeing in the background. Keep your background businesslike, clean and preferably neutral. If your desk will be showing, organize the top neatly and get rid of any clutter.

2. Show Some Enthusiasm

Just as in a regular interview, an individual who shows no enthusiasm for the company or position will not impress the recruiter. Those who act bored or restless during an interview are perceived as just going through the motions. In other words, employers want employees who are happy to work for them and will do their best at the job. Enthusiasm for the position gets the interviewee closer to getting hired.

3. Dress the Part

Dress appropriately for your interview. The point is to blend in with the culture of the company, but you want to use caution to neither underdress nor overdress. Stay away from clothing with logos and splashy patterns because it is distracting, and the hiring manager want to concentrate on what you have to say and whether you are a good fit for the company and job. Choose your clothing to fit in with the company and look polished for the interview. Although you may be tempted to wear jeans with your dress shirt, jacket and tie, realize that the entire ensemble can reflect your attitude, so don’t skip on the suit pants or skirt. If the company dress is more casual, go with that but make sure your clothing is in good condition, pressed and presentable. In addition, remember to get that haircut if needed and present yourself with a well-scrubbed and polished look.

4. Do Your Research

It can be difficult to have a good interview for a company you know little about. Do your research, and learn about the company where you are applying for a job. Whether in a healthcare job, sales, desk job or another type of employment, check out the company background, major news and the person with whom you will be interviewing.

5. Keep the Noise Level Down

While you are being interviewed, keep the noise level in your home down. This may involve asking someone to watch your children at their home for a little while or taking the dog for a walk. Turn off the television and stereo. You don’t want anything that might distract either you or the interviewer from concentrating. Turn off your cell phone or house phone ringer until the interview is over.

6. Don’t Show Arrogance

This is a big turn off with recruiters. Talk about what you accomplished for your previous employer, but be cautious about bragging. Mention how your expertise benefitted the company such as talking about how your sales contributed to the company’s earnings, not about how you are the best salesperson in the business.

Properly prepping for an interview, whether in person or remotely, is important to make that next step into a job successful. The way in which you find that job is also important. TheJobNetwork can help by doing the job search for you in any field such as sales jobs, medical receptionist jobs and in many other areas. After you enter your qualifications and job interests, sign up with TheJobNetwork, and we search around the clock for jobs that match your description and send you these listings in the form of email alerts.

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