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How to Quickly Land A Job As A New Graduate [Infographic]

Written by Jessie Liu

Congratulations on graduating! Your day has finally come. All of those sleepless nights spent cramming for your exams have finally paid off! Goodbye ramen, hello filet mignon! But first, it’s time for that dreaded job search. Making yourself employable when you have little to no experience is no easy task. After all, you spent 4 years partying, microwaving ramen, and pulling all nighters because you waited until the day before your exam to study. There wasn’t a lot of time to work on your “marketability”. So what do you do now?

As a new graduate, employers know you are not going to have a lot of experience. You’re going in for an entry level position, so most of the time, expectations will be reasonable. However, you’re not the only one applying for that entry level position. You’re competing with your fellow graduates. So the best way to get your foot in the door as a new graduate is to perform these 11 steps so that you can paint a vibrant picture and stand out as an awesome candidate!




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