[WATCH] How to start your own business according to Veronika Scott

Too often we don’t pursue our dreams because we’re overwhelmed by the journey that lies before us, and nobody has had a more improbable journey than Veronica Scott. 

Veronica was an art school graduate who came up with an idea – a coat designed for homeless people that turned into a sleeping bag at night.  Not only was her concept targeted for an audience that didn’t have the capacity to pay for them, but Veronica had no product development or manufacturing experience from which to build upon.

Undeterred, she moved forward and now oversees a $6 million operation, The Empowerment Plan, that is changing lives for thousands of homeless people throughout the United States, by providing these special coats, as well as creating employment opportunities to manufacture them.

Veronica sat down with Daily Fuel to share the best advice she can to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation she did; having a vision but not knowing how to take that first step.

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