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How to Stay Positive in the Middle of a Job Search

Written by Jessie Liu

The job search process may seem lengthy at times, but there are things you can do to increase both the efficiency of the search and your resiliency.  The most successful job hunters navigate the waters in a purposeful manner, using positivity as a guide. Let’s take a look at some techniques that can help you achieve your goals.


Target a Job

This is really a two-pronged approach. First, understand the type of job that suits your talents. You likely have an idea of what this is from the courses you’ve taken to the natural interests and abilities you possess. List the type of work at which you excel, and link that to pertinent job duties. Try to find companies where you might want to work, and then aim to connect your talents to job duties at these companies.


Network With Others

Networking with friends or colleagues who work in the industry or at a company you are targeting is important. Work with your contacts  to learn about attributes the company seeks in an employee—doing so might help you use the right key words resume or during an interview.


Get Help to Stay on Target

Seeking the help of a friend or job coach can be key in keeping you on track. If a contact has experienced a similar job search situation or counseled others in their search, he or she can be a weekly touchstone to help you stay on target.

A trusted support person is also a great resource for practicing a mock interview. Brainstorming possible questions—and having the right answers!—can help you appear at ease when the big day comes.


Strategize Your Job Search

Thinking of a job search with the same plan of attack you have when playing a game of chess will help you navigate hurdles. Game players know there are no points to be made in giving up, and having a plan always helps you win. Devising a strategy for your job search is similar. Make checklists for your week and celebrate milestones (such as finally structuring a winning resume)—and always keep moving forward.


Control What You Can

While there are some aspects of a job search you cannot control, you can control how you search for a job and where you eventually apply. For instance, using TheJobNetwork to locate jobs that match your skill set at a particular company is a deliberate choice that sets you on the right path. Applying as soon as a job comes up gives you a running start. TheJobNetwork matches jobs to your criteria and qualifications and alerts you as soon as the job is available.


Set Up a Routine

Establish a routine you feel comfortable following every day. Check email daily, maybe even at the same time very day, to see if search results have arrived or if you received an invitation for an interview. Automatically follow up with an email after sending in an application to ensure it was received.

When you are searching for a job, having a platform like the JobNetwork doing the searching for you helps. Since employers use platforms to announce jobs, it stands to reason you’ll have early access to new listings. TheJobNetwork even ranks the results, so you are able to see how closely the job matches your criteria. Doing your homework and getting ready to embrace a new job has a great deal to do with how you feel and the perceptions others have of you. Being positive and energetic is a great calling card.

About the author

Jessie Liu

Jessie Liu is a digital marketer, specializing in SEO, Digital Analytics, Content Marketing and Social Media. She helps lead TheJobNetwork’s content marketing efforts, including content strategy and promotion strategy. She believes in data-driven decision making. She recently adopted a Beagle mix puppy named Happy. Feel free to tweet her @jessiecliu for pictures of her adorable new puppy or just any marketing related stuff.