How to Write a Perfect Physician Assistant Resume (Examples Included)

Written by Kate Lopaze

The healthcare industry is one of the hottest career paths around right now. As the baby boomer generation ages and people focus more on health and quality of life, the demand is growing for professionals in all corners of healthcare. If you’re already on that path as a physician assistant or looking for a career change, a great resume can be your best ally in finding the right job.

Let’s look at sample resumes from three physician assistants who are at different places in their career. First up is Alex, who’s trying to get started as a physician assistant.


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Alex doesn’t yet have a lot of experience to fall back on, so he wants to focus on his skills and training. The functional resume format works better for Alex than the traditional reverse-chronological format. Alex also includes past clerical jobs, even though they aren’t necessarily medical in nature, to show the kinds of administrative and organizational skills he already has. He doesn’t need to go over every single job he’s ever had-just the ones that showcase the relevant skills. In this case, that’s his organization and experience handling inventories.

Next we have Whitney, who has started down a specialist path as an orthopedic physician assistant.


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Whitney wants to emphasize the specialty that she’s developed in her career, so she can pursue more opportunities as an orthopedic physician assistant. To that end, she emphasizes her specialty in her objective statement, then launches right into her experience—the most recent of which is as an orthopedic physician assistant. She relies very heavily on this traditional resume format, the reverse-chronological format. This puts her experience up front. It’s not an ideal choice for someone with little work experience or someone who’s trying to change careers, but for someone like Whitney who wants to showcase her experience, it’s a good fit.

Next is Craig, whose experience has been more in the administrative end of physician assisting, but wants to move into a surgical physician assistant role


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