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How to Write a Perfect Teaching Resume (Examples Included)

Written by Kate Lopaze

if you’re a teacher (or looking to become one), it can be a daunting path: years of education, internships, certification hoops and tests. and once you get through all of those, you still have another stretch to look forward to: the job hunt. whether you’re just starting out or looking for your next opportunity as an educator, we’ve got some sample resumes that you can use as a guide.

1.Teaching paraprofessional / classroom aide resume

2.Experienced science teacher resume

3.School principal resume

first up, let’s look at Greta’s resume. Greta is just out of school, and wants a job as a teaching paraprofessional (classroom aide) as a starting point for her career in education.


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greta berman
75 mockingjay lane • farmingdale, nj 12345
(444) 666-7777 •

experienced, caring education professional with special needs student experience seeking a position as a classroom paraprofessional.

core competencies 

  • individualized tutoring and lesson plans
  • working with students with diverse learning styles and educational needs
  • great with kids
  • utilizing and modeling organizational skills
  • working as part of a student-oriented team
  • knowledgeable about learning methods for elementary and middle school students


plymouth rock university
a.s., education

frank sinatra high school
high school diploma

work experience

special education classroom assistant
friendship school (magnet elementary school), springfield, nj
august 2013 – june 2016

  • planned lessons and curriculum in conjunction with the teacher
  • assisted students with classwork and during recreational times
  • provided 1-on-1 support for students with a variety of learning styles and needs
  • monitored classroom activities
  • provided afterschool care for special needs students
  • planned and executed group art projects for the classroom

bridges learning center, farmingdale, nj
march 2011 – present

  • tutor students in reading and math at the elementary and middle school levels
  • keep students on track with curriculum and lesson plans
  • assign homework
  • conduct group tutoring sessions in addition to 1-on-1 lessons
  • plan and run parent tutoring training seminars to facilitate at-home tutoring
  • average student grade improvements: 15 points

greta is very upfront about her goal, via her objective statement: she cares about students and wants to leverage her experience with special needs students into a next-level education role as a classroom paraprofessional. she doesn’t have tons of professional classroom experience yet, so she starts by emphasizing her core competencies (skills).

next comes her education, to show that she’s on the education degree track, and has already gotten an associate’s degree in the field. her experience is broken into two parts: her professional experience, and her volunteer experience. volunteer experience isn’t necessary to list on your resume, but in a case like this, where it directly relates to your work experience and your career path, it’s a good idea to include it. here, it shows that greta has a lengthy history of working with students outside the classroom.

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next, let’s look at Herman’s resume. Herman is a former teacher who’s trying to get back into the classroom after a break.


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herman carson
1276 first st
santa fe, nm 99999
(999) 777-8888

award-winning high school science teacher

committed educator eager to resume teaching full-time • currently substitute teaching • district teacher of the year • committed to positive student growth and learning outcomes • strong classroom management

awards and certifications

district teacher of the year, 2006
santa fe school district

new mexico teacher certification
renewed 2015


santa fe hills high school (santa fe, nm)
substitute teacher (grades 9-12)
august 2008 – present

substitute teacher rated highly for dependability, flexibility, and commitment to keeping students on curriculum.

  • implement curriculum and study plans for long- and short-term assignments in earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics classes
  • take attendance and manage classroom order
  • schedule and host student and parent conferences during longer-term assignments
  • plan lessons for students

st. albert high school (santa fe, nm)
earth sciences/biology teacher (grades 10-12), 1998 – 2008
girls’ soccer coach, 1999 – 2003

  • created engaging lesson plans in line with state curriculum standards across several science disciplines
  • chaired the annual st. albert science fair
  • held conferences with students and parents to update them on student progress and improve student outcomes as necessary
  • coordinated and coached the after school girls’ intramural soccer program

herman has a bit of a challenge: he used to be a full-time teacher (and apparently a popular one), but has been substitute teaching for a few years in the meantime. he wants to get back in his own classroom full-time, but how can he move closer to that goal with his resume?

basically, he does it here by creating a banner/theme (that he’s a qualified, award-winning educator), then focusing on his long years of experience. notice he doesn’t go into specifics about why he was substituting for the past several years—he can use his cover letter or interview to offer more context about the whys. otherwise, he sticks with the standard reverse-chronological format, listing his experience and then wrapping up with his skills.

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last but not least, we have Derek, who is trying to move up a level to become a principal.


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Derek Gabarelli
54 dog lane
framingham, ma 33333
(333) 222-1111

results-oriented leader, administrator, and educator with more than 20 years of experience implementing curriculum, developing sustainable initiatives, and exceeding benchmarks.


assistant principal
samuel adams middle school
north framingham, ma
2005 – present

implemented the samuel adams success (sas) plan that increased student achievement and attendance rates over a two-year period, and successfully implemented common core curriculum and benchmarks.

  • spearheaded the school improvement initiative in conjunction with six other district schools.
  • applied for and received the massachusetts school improvement grant in 2014, with a focus on sustainable student initiatives.
  • onboarded common core curriculum across all departments. identified testing goals, monitored progress, and course corrected to meet established benchmarks.
  • manage $1.5 million dollar annual budget, with an emphasis on developing sustainability initiatives, minimizing student suspensions and maximizing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • oversaw implementation of school breakfast program.
  • identified and organized professional development opportunities to address gaps in staff teaching and student learning.
  • manage a faculty and staff of 85.

social studies teacher
branford middle school
leominster, ma
1990 – 2005


Derek wants the reader to know that he’s built the leadership skills necessary to take over as principal for a school. as such, he goes with a strong summary statement that emphasizes his high-level accomplishments, then goes right into his specific work experience. the reverse-chronological format works well here, as the reader can see that Derek has a strong background.

Also, note that Derek doesn’t necessarily include every job he’s ever had—he focuses on the ones that support his goal of becoming a principal. sure, his college job waiting tables may have helped him develop resilience or people skills, but those aren’t necessarily the skills he wants to emphasize to get to the next level of his career. it’s important to keep your resume energies focused on the skills and experience that matter most to the job for which you’re applying.

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