15 Influential People You Should be Following on Social Media

Written by Peter Jones

You’re on the job hunt, doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing. Updating your resume, writing cover letters, doing interview prep, and working on your network. That’s all great, but can sometimes be frustrating—not to mention lonely.

If you start to feel like you’re stuck in your own echo chamber and need a fresh perspective, why not tune into some of the best movers and shakers of career development and inspiration?

Here are 15 people to follow when you need a job hunting boost.

1. Kathryn Minshew (Twitter)

Minshew founded The Muse and gives great general career/job search advice as well as news briefs in the career world.

2. Simon Sinek (Twitter)

Sinek is a motivational speaker and writer who has made a successful living analyzing the communication habits of successful leaders. Check out his books (Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action and Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Some Don’t) and his social media.

3. Hannah Morgan (Twitter)

Morgan founded CareerSherpa and is an expert job search/career guru who doles out great advice on “solopreneurship” as well as self-branding and finding your next big opportunity.

4. Abby Kohut (Twitter)

Kohut founded Absolutely Abby, and is a career coach and recruiter. She got named among the “Top 25 Women To Follow On Twitter For Your Job Search” by CEO World and also tours the country in her career advice RV. She’s also great at what she does.

5. Guy Kawaski (Twitter)

Kawaski is the former “chief evangelist” of Apple. He’s one of the best speakers out there—about career, business, and leadership—and super motivational. His feed is full of advice and sometimes even a cute animal clip.

6. Adam Toren (Twitter)

Toren founded Young Entrepreneur and is an author and an entrepreneur himself. He’s great because he doesn’t just focus on young job seekers. He has advice for those of any age wishing to turn to entrepreneurship and make a career/branding leap.

7. Seth Godin (Twitter)

Godin is the quintessential career coach. He’s the bestselling author of 14 books about leadership, marketing, branding, and personal growth. Read his feed for links to his blog and get insights straight from the guru.

8. Women 2.0 (Twitter)

Women 2.0 actually offers good advice for any gender, though it is a media company specializing in education/innovation and business opportunities for women. Gain great insights into diversity and learn about opportunities for any entrepreneur starting out.

9. Randi Zuckerberg (Twitter)

Zuckerberg is the other Zuckerberg’s sister, and the author of Dot Complicated. She’s a social media legend, with great insights on how to use the internet to brand yourself personally and professionally and follow in her excellent footsteps to social media domination.

10. Elon Musk (Twitter)

Musk is a tech innovator extraordinaire. He’s also a CEO and overall “it” influencer in the executive world. Follow him for insights on how to redefine leadership and innovation in the science and business worlds.

11. Laszlo Block (LinkedIn)

Block wrote Work Rules! and is a senior adviser at Google. He also publishes a lot of excellent content on LinkedIn, about his work at Google as well as his leadership experience.

12. Lisa Gates (LinkedIn)

Gates founded She Negotiates, and is a killer career coach. She offers tons of great tips on how to negotiate successfully—and nearly all of us could use some work in that department. Learn how to be your best advocate when asking for a raise or a promotion, or even a starting salary.

13. Meg Guiseppi (LinkedIn)

Giuseppi is a branding guru, career and personal branding coach. She writes articles that have great strategies and tips for taking yourself to the next level.

14. Heather Huhman (LinkedIn)

Huhman is a digital marketing specialist and career coach who focuses on Gen Y (pre-Millenials). If you’re not Gen X and not quite a Millenial, then she has great career advice for you to help you build, or rebuild, your career and negotiate changes over the course of your working life.

15. Paul Freiberger (LinkedIn)

Freiberger is a job search consultant and resume writer who doesn’t post terribly often, but the articles he does post are extremely worthwhile—often covering topics that don’t tend to be discussed as much.

Remember, following folks on Twitter and LinkedIn gets you tons of free advice. You can decide how involved to get, but it’s always good to get a sense of what’s available out there. The resources are out there for you to find (and follow)!

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