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Top 9 Job Market Trends You’ll See in 2017

Written by Peter Jones

There are a lot of variables going into any given year that might affect the job market or economic climate in general. In 2017, with new administrations, this is even more true. Fortunately, there are a few trends we already know we can expect for this year.

1. Candidate/Employee Satisfaction

After facing a lot of bad press for subpar candidate experience and employee dissatisfaction, companies are now trying to boost their PR by proving that they have a constructive and better experience for applicants. Companies are also paying attention to employee loyalty and retention and how to boost those things. Data scientists are starting to pay attention to the HR process in general. This means it’s going to be a better environment for new hires and job seekers if these trends keep up.

2. Automation

This has been a worry for years, but it seems only to be trending more and more. Blue collar jobs in manual labor and manufacturing have long been impacted, and that impact will only grow. But tech jobs and other white collar opportunities are likely to shrink, as analytic tools are becoming more automated as computers get smarter. If you’re in a job likely to be replaced by automation, start figuring out how to tweak or transition now while you’re not up against any walls.

3. Awareness of Gendered Pay

Companies are finally starting to pay attention to the fact that women are paid consistently less for doing the same work. Employers will hopefully start taking action in 2017 to correct this pay gap.

4. Goodbye Gigs

The so-called gig economy isn’t going to be so dominant. (And, in fact, only about 4.3% of the population makes money from platforms like Uber, Airbnb, etc.) Jobs are prizing creativity, judgment, personal skills, and critical thinking—all things that require working as a team and don’t allow for as much location or schedule flexibility.

5. A Decrease in Benefits

Fewer and fewer companies are offering benefits—let alone the flashy packages of Cadillac perks. Say goodbye to free food, gym passes, game pods, on-site acupuncture, even paid leave. If you can get a pension and health care, you’ll be doing really well.

6. The Rise of Freelance

More and more, the “blended” workforce will become a dominant thing, with teams being built of long-term and freelance employees. Offices will hire on-demand to get out of offering benefits or to handle short-term projects on a case by case basis. As much as 40% of the workforce might be freelance in the coming year.

7. Constant Review

The concept of the “annual review” is on the wane. Expect to be evaluated more casually, more often, and without the usual warning/on-boarding.

8. Emphasis on “The Team”

The concept of the team will reign supreme, and might even be more important than individual performance. Companies will start to restructure, making teams a huge priority, and focusing on “organizational design.”

9. Casual Culture

Casual Fridays attire might become the norm. Fewer and fewer jobs are requiring employees to show up in suits and ties these days. Company cultures are becoming a bit more open, with shared workspace and lax dress codes. Don’t let this affect your performance though; that should never be casual!

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