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Land a Full-Time Trucking Job After Graduation

The Road Ahead Landing a Full-Time Trucking Job After Graduation
Written by Eric Titner

You’re about to finish truck driving school—or you’re trying to figure out if school is a smart investment—and you want to know if a solid job with benefits is in your future. Great question!

Here’s the good news: While there are no guarantees in life, most people who finish an accredited CDL training program find jobs—some even line up jobs before they graduate.

Some industry insiders feel that there are plenty of full-time jobs with benefits available for qualified truckers right now—from OTR drivers and local/regional drivers to management and support positions and more—so the timing might be perfect if you’re just about to graduate or are considering starting a CDL program.

What can you expect when you land your first job?

Plenty! Along with great travel opportunities and an average salary of around $40,000, you can expect some solid benefits depending on where you work—including comprehensive insurance, paid vacation, a 401(k), and more.

So…how can you make this reality happen for you?

Obviously, choosing a great training program with a proven track record is essential, so do your homework when choosing one. Some are affiliated with major carriers and offer placement help. Others are company sponsored, which means you may be able to lock down guaranteed employment in exchange for tuition assistance!

Already in a program?

Start thinking about your life after you graduate—have a killer resume that plays up your experience and strengths, network with other drivers and industry insiders whenever possible, and make informed, well-researched decisions at every turn!

It’s never a bad time to think about your future—if being a trucker might seem like the right career path for you, don’t ask your magic 8-ball to figure out what lies ahead for you. Devise a well-researched plan, work hard, and get rolling!

Graduating Truck Driving School: Will I Really Get A Full-Time Job With Benefits?


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