26 Lists to Make That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Written by Peter Jones

Lists make life more manageable. If you’re naturally organized, you likely already know the order and ease they can bring to the chaos we all face very day. If you’re not, and want to be, why not start jotting things down? Lists are easy to make, easy to read, and make all the things things you want to remember more easier to manage.

If you need to feel less overwhelmed, or just want to be more organized, here are 26 lists to make—some for work, some for fun, and some just to keep you sane.

1. Recipes

No idea what to make for dinner this week? If you have a list of recipes you’ve been meaning to try, you’ll never be at a loss again.

2. Movies

Every get to your Netflix and completely blank on all those movies you’ve been meaning to see? Make a list! You’ll never have to have the “I don’t know, what do you want to watch?” conversation again.

3. Books

Same goes for the bookstore. Never hit the beach unprepared again.

4. TV Shows

Same thing as Netflix! Keep up with all the shows your friends have been recommending.

5. Restaurants

Need to pick a place to meet a friend or date? Keep a list of new places you want to check out.

6. Trips

Next time you find yourself with some accumulated time off and some excess cash, have a list ready of things you’d like to see around the world.

7. Cities/Countries to Visit

If you don’t have a specific trip in mind, but might like to explore a new place on the globe, have a list!

8. Things to Do in Your Hometown

Ever feel like you’re not making full use of where you are? Make a list of cool things to do where you live—and never spend another boring Saturday on your couch.

9. Passwords

No matter what site you’ve completely forgotten your account information for, you have a list for that.

10. Daily To-Dos

Nothing is more satisfying than crossing these puppies off as you go through your day.

11. A “Done” List

Make a new list of all the things you did today as you do them. Then look back at the accumulated tasks completed and pat yourself on the back.

12. A Bucket List

Make a list of all the things you want to do in your life, big and small. And start checking those things off!

13. Short-Term Goals

This should contain all the things you want to do this week/month/year.

14. Long-Term Goals

Save those bigger things you want to do during the next 5-10 years for this list.

15. Professional Accomplishments

Jot down everything awesome you do at work and every compliment you get. This one is great for a day when you’re feeling down—and even better for resume-writing time!

16. Things You Want in Your Next Job

Keep track of the things you notice that make you work your best and use that as your criteria on the job search.

17. DIY Projects

All those things you’ve really been meaning to get done. Sweaters you’ve been meaning to knit.

18. Home Improvement

Leaky faucet? Need a new rug? Write it down and hold yourself accountable.

19. Groceries

Never be caught adrift in the aisles again. Keep a running list so you know you didn’t forget toilet paper on your weekly shop.

20. Drugstore

Same idea. You need Q-tips but won’t be going to CVS for a few days? Write it down. Otherwise you could forget them every trip for months.

21. Wardrobe Wishes

Need a new coat for the coming winter? A cute swimsuit for a vacation? Keep track of that stuff and you’ll save money by shopping only for what you know you really want and need.

22. Important Dates

Remember your best friends’ anniversaries and birthdays and significant dates. Be thoughtful with the people you love most.

23. Due Dates

If you’re forgetful, this is key to making sure you’re never caught without a project complete on time.

24. Quotes Your Love

Next time you need inspiration, you can consult your list of quotations that really get you fired up.

25. Things to be Thankful For

Remind yourself how great your life is and how lucky you are. You’d be surprised at how positive this can be.

26. Things That Make You Happy

Never be bored or blue again. Give yourself a reason to smile. Or fake it ‘til you make it and it will get better soon.

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