Employer Pricing Plans

Hire Faster, Smarter and for Less

with the only programmatic recruiting solution that campaigns your job on 100's of job sites with one click!

Basic Package

  • 30-Day Posting Distribution Campaign
  • Total Talent Reach Distribution
  • Featured Job
  • Priority Search
  • Job and Candidate Management Tools

Performance Package

  • 30-Day Posting Distribution Campaign
  • Total Talent Reach Distribution
  • Performance Boost Upgrade
  • Social Boost Upgrade
  • Priority Search
  • Featured Job
  • Job and Candidate Management Tools

Proactive Package

  • 30-Day Posting Distribution Campaign
  • Total Talent Reach Distribution
  • Resume Boost Upgrade
  • Email Boost Upgrade
  • Social Boost Upgrade
  • Diversity Boost Upgrade
  • Priority Search
  • Featured Job
  • Job and Candidate Management Tools

The Programmatic Job Post that Does It All!

Finding the best candidates to for your open positions is now easier and more affordable than ever before. Our data-driven recruitment advertising platform automatically targets and engages the right candidates for you job across 1000's of popular job sites - delivering better quality applicants in much less time and with much less effort compared to other job posting alternatives.

TheJobNetwork Reach

Vast Network Reach

TheJobNetwork turns the Internet into your talent pool, offering massive exposure across 1000's of national, local and niche sites, job aggregators, and even popular social networks too so you don't miss out on the best talent.

Programmatic Job Distribution

Precision Job-Specific Targeting

Automated distribution campaigns target the right job seekers on the right sites across our vast network of 1000's of national, industry, and local sites based on your specific job type and historical data for similar jobs posted on our network.

Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Real-Time Performance Optimization

Programmatic campaign management monitors your ad's performance and optimizes campaign strategies and budgets in real-time to generate more views and applies in less time.

Real-Time Job Matching

Quality Screening

Proprietary job matching technology automatically screens, grades and ranks applicants based on your specific job requirements and their skills, so you can focus your time on the best applicants for the job.

Instant Database Matching

Real-Time Job Matching™ instantly matches candidates from our resume database that are a fit for your job so you don't have to waste endless hours searching for passive candidates and sifting through unqualified resumes.

Robost Online Employer Account

Robust Reporting and Posting Management

Easily post new jobs, manage your postings and add additional performance upgrades, view applicants and database matches,  track the hiring process, and view real-time posting  performance data 24/7.

Configurable Performance Upgrades Put You in Control

Total Talent Reach

All packages include Total Talent Reach™ which campaigns your job ad on hundreds of relevant national, local, and industry job sites and job aggregators across our network of 1000's of job sites.

Performance Boost

Puts your Total Talent Reach™ campaign into overdrive with additional budget and an aggressive CPC bidding strategy—perfect for hard to fill jobs or when you just need to hire in a hurry.

Social Boost

Social Boost turns your job ad into a highly-targeted promoted post displayed directly in the social media feeds of relevant passive candidates to entice them to apply to your job.

Email Boost

Email Boost is a dedicated email campaign for your job that targets highly-qualified candidates in their inbox promoting your employment brand and a personalized invitation to apply.

Candidate Resume Boost

Candidate Resume Boost instantly delivers qualified ‘passive’ candidate matches from our national resume database—ranked by match score—without the hassles of searching.

Featured Job

Featured Job provides premium placement and additional exposure for your job by highlighting the job in our Featured Jobs widget.

Priority Search

Priority Job puts the spotlight on your job with premium placement at the top of relevant search results on our job site, offering more prominent visibility and more clicks to your job posting.

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