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Master Your Interview Questions with these 3 Savvy Strategies

Written by Peter Jones

You’ve scored the job interview. Congratulations! Now you have to get the job.

You know the drill: get a good night’s sleep, dress smartly, show up on time, shake hands, and be charming and informed. But here are three things you maybe haven’t thought of, strategies that can make all the difference and help you ace your interview.

1. Know Before You Go

Memorize the job description, make sure you have all the skills required so you can sell yourself precisely for the position. Brush up on the latest news and trends in your field. If there are any holes in your knowledge, plug them up. Learn everything you can about the company and your future coworkers. Go the extra mile and prove your interest and expertise.

2. Sell It Sweet

Craft and hone your elevator pitch; it’s the best way to buttress your resume and cover letter and to put a face and a message to your application. Remember, you have 30 seconds to give your spiel—make it matter. And stay positive. No matter what your reasons for looking for a new job, focus on your big dreams and ambitions. Focus on what a difference you can make in that position at that particular company. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will be contagious.

3. No Humblebragging

When the interviewer asks you what your biggest weakness is, be honest. Frame it constructively, of course, but don’t just spew out something that you hope will secretly count as an extra strength. There’s plenty of time to brag about your accomplishments. This is the time to be actually humble. Express that you have faced challenges before and are always working constructively to overcome them and learn from your mistakes.

Remember, your interviewer wants to know two things: first, that you have the skills and expertise to do the job, and second, that you’d be a good fit in their workplace culture. Show them how easily you fit the bill.

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