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10 of the Most Obnoxious Things You Can Do at Work

Written by Peter Jones

The rules for workplace etiquette aren’t exactly posted in every office for convenient reference. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn and follow them. It’s never to late to make sure your behavior isn’t going to offend anyone or keep you from getting ahead.

Here are 10 things you should make sure you never do at work.

1. Talk, loudly, on your phone

You think it’s okay to answer your cell at your desk? Then roam down the hall talking at full volume as you walk to get a cup of coffee or a photocopy? Think again. You’re actually being very disrespectful. Not to mention disrupting everyone you pass.

2. Chew or slurp out loud

It’s gross and it annoys people. Keep your noodle/soup/coffee/ice chips sounds to yourself. Yes, even at your cubicle.

3. Not change after the gym

Good for you for working out during your work day! But don’t you dare go back to your desk without showering or changing clothes. Ew.

4. Fight loudly on the phone

Sure, arguing with your S.O./parent/roommate is a necessary thing sometimes. But don’t take the call in a public setting and force everyone around you to listen in.

5. Apply stinky beauty products

Don’t take off or apply nail polish (or nail polish remover) at your desk—or anywhere in nose-shot. It’s not a work activity, plus a lot of people are allergic or sensitive to the smell. For that matter, go easy on the perfume or cologne as well.

6. Bash your coworkers

Never try to talk smack about one co-worker with another co-worker. It will not end well for you.

7. Show up late and mooch

Don’t show up to the meeting late, first of all. Second of all, don’t expect the people who were on time to fill you in. It’s your bad and your responsibility to catch up. Don’t waste everybody else’s time.

8. Talk private money matters

No matter how broke you are, or how curious, talking salary is never a good idea at work. Keep your financial status to yourself and let others do so too.

9. Be a jerk

You want to invite one co-worker to lunch or happy hour, but you just can’t do it if there’s another co-worker in ear shot, or worse, standing right there with you. Send an email or a text if you want to be exclusive.

10. Get political

Keep your political (and religious, for that matter!) views to yourself.

Just think how much easier our work lives would be if everybody knew and followed these few easy rules.

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