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13 High Paying Jobs for People Who Don’t Want to Stare at a Computer All Day

Written by Peter Jones

Okay, so you don’t want to sit behind a desk for the rest of your life. The good news is: there are plenty of good jobs that don’t require 40 hours a week in front of a computer. And some of them pay really well.

Here are 13 of the highest-paying jobs out there for anyone who just can’t sit there staring at their screen a moment longer.

1. Mail Carrier

Work for the postal service, sorting and delivering mail. Median annual pay: over $58k.

2. Boilermaker

Construct and assemble boilers and other such structures. Median annual pay: around $60k.

3. First-Line Supervisor

Supervise construction trades and extraction workers. Make median pay of roughly $62k per year.

4. Subway Operator

Operate a subway car (or a streetcar or elevated commuter train). Median income: over $63k per year.

5. Signal or Track Switch Repairer

Make sure all the systems, switches, and section lines are running smoothly in a rail system. Median pay: nearly $64k per year.

6. Farm or Ranch Manager

Coordinate the management and operation of agricultural businesses. Computer importance: only 41 out of 100. Median annual salary? over $64k.

7. Power-Line Installer or Repairer

Work in electrics installing or repairing cables or power systems.The median pay is well over $66k per year.

8. Transportation Inspector

Inspect and monitor transportation equipment, vehicles, systems, etc. (for everything except aviation) to make sure safety standards and regulations are met. The median pay is almost $71k per year.

9. Ship Engineer

Supervise and coordinate the activities of a ship’s crew below and above decks. Median pay: almost $73k per year.

10. Acupuncturist

Train to treat people using this ancient Chinese remedy. You could make almost $75k per year.

11. Ship, Boat, or Barge Mate

Supervise or coordinate crew activities aboard numerous kinds of vessels. You can make almost $77k per year in median pay.

12. Anesthesiologist Assistant

Assist anesthesiologists in and out of surgery and monitor patient status and care. The median pay is high: over $98k per year.


If you can get yourself through med school and become an obstetrician/gynecologist, you can make a whopping $187k+ median annual pay.

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