The 8 Worst Office Problems You’ll Deal With in the Summer

Written by Peter Jones

Summer is here! Which means most days you’ll be daydreaming about being absolutely anywhere else than where you are (aka at your desk). Here are 8 of the absolute worst summer office problems, just so you can be prepared for their awfulness in advance.

1. The Great Temperature Debate

It’s a hundred billion degrees outside and subzero inside. Whoever is in charge of the AC has gone way overboard and you find yourself shivering at your desk. You’ve brought socks and a heavy sweater just to make it through your day without losing a toe. Or worse, you’re the guy at the window with the sun baking in, and no matter what temperature the AC is set on, you’re still sweating buckets!

2. Commuting via Train or Bus

Okay, so this one is about getting to your office, but it’s still hell. There’s never AC in your subway car or bus, and no one seems to understand the concept of deodorant. You’ve got smelly armpits and sweaty backs everywhere you turn. Tip: start avoiding rush hour. Come in early! Go home late! You don’t have to stay at work all that time, but you’ll spare yourself the inhumanity of the sardine commute. Happy hour, anyone?

3. The “It” Vacay

Everyone is talking about going to that one island (like Ibiza or St. John) or that one summer party everybody goes to. None of your vacation plans or party plans are cool enough. You didn’t know people owned that much white linen.

4. The Constant Countdowns

“16 days, 4 hours, and 39 minutes!” Your coworkers are all chirping out their timelines and squealing about just how soon their vacation is coming up! Even worse will be their Instagram feeds when they actually get to their glamorous destination. #neverleaving (sigh)

5. Summer Treats

Be it a routine iced coffee run in the afternoon, or an ice cream habit… bad for the waistline, good for morale. Still not really compensation, however, for being stuck inside.

6. Outside Lunches

Okay, despite sweating into your salad, so this is not a problem so much as a perk. Enjoy it. Sit on a park bench and bask.

7. Dressing for Work

Do you dress for the swelter? Or the professional standard? Can you get away with showing all that cleavage? Or should you risk drenching yourself in sweat to arrive at the office modestly covered up? It’s a dilemma every day.

8. The Office Deodorizer

Yes, we’re very glad our coworkers keep extra deodorant in their desks for days such as these. But do we need to SEE them apply? Or worse… spray?


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