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Part time jobs: Your ultimate guide to getting started

Written by Kate Lopaze

Here at TheJobNetwork, we focus a lot of time and attention on your search for a full-time job on a set career path. But sometimes the job you’re seeking, by necessity or by choice, is a shorter-term proposition. So we’ve got you covered there, too! If you’re looking for part-time opportunities as a side hustle or a flexible option so you can balance your work with other aspects of your life, we’ve got all the info you’ll need.

Decide the type of job you want to get.

For part-time jobs, you often need to start with a very specific idea of what you want—like a night job, a work-from-home job, or a side hustle. Your job search will really be focused and refined by your own goals and needs, so the first step is figuring out what kind of job you want. Are you cool with retail or food service, or does the idea of serving the general public give you hives? Do you want a night job so you can be home when the kids head off to school in the morning? There are lots of part-time opportunities out there, so it’s important to figure out which ones might work best for your needs and your schedule before we even get to things like applications and resumes.

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Find the job that fits in with your lifestyle.

Are you a night owl? Whether you’re a vampire or just a night person, many part-time jobs call for late-night or overnight hours. If you think your lifestyle can accommodate a non-conventional schedule, you might want to consider looking at jobs catering to the night crowd.

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If you’re a student and want to balance your job with a busy course load, a part-time job can help you pay the bills while you’re working on your studies.

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Many part-time job seekers are parents looking for a way to balance work with home obligations. Not only do you need a gig that pays the bills, but it also has to be as flexible as possible and hopefully come with perks that help your family.

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And while most of those “earn thousands of dollars every day working from home!” ads online are very often scams, there are also plenty of legit opportunities for people who want or need to work remotely.

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Make big bucks while working part time.

When thinking about a part-time gig, money is also going to be a concern. If you’re looking to maximize the dollar-to-hour ratio for your part-time job, there are some great options out there.

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Design a professional resume that gets you noticed.

Part-time jobs are often different from traditional full-time jobs—and the hiring process may be different too. But one thing doesn’t change: your resume needs to be rock solid. We’ve got the resume basics that apply no matter what kind of job you’re seeking.

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Ace the interview process.

The interview might be a little different from the routine, though. Part-time job interviews may not require you to put on a suit and show up at an office—you might be asked to interview remotely, or in a more casual setting. Either way, it’s important to have the basics ready to go: a put-together interview look, strong body language, and anticipation of different kinds of questions.

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Turn part-time into full-time.

After you’ve got your part-time job, it may be a stepping stone to a full-time gig. For that, you’ll need to strategize on how to make that jump.

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No matter what your reasons may be for looking for a part-time job, we want to help you find (and get!) the right one for your skills, goals, and lifestyle. Good luck!

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