10 Jobs for People Who Want to See Ghosts

Written by Randy Stancovici

if you’re a fan of horror movies, you’re probably very excited for this year’s box office hits, but what if two hours of jump scares is not enough to satisfy your craving for the supernatural?

you’re in luck, we’ve scoured the internet and based on movie logic, these jobs are perfect for people who want to see ghosts. are you ready to experience the supernatural?

1. paranormal investigator

this one is a given. if you’re serious about working with the supernatural, what better way than to have a job that directly explores supernatural cases?

2. professor

how many famous characters have gotten their start in academia before moving on to investigating the supernatural? hmm.

3. lawyer

if you’re a lawyer, you’re probably going to come across clients who have experienced horrific events. that’s a recipe encountering the supernatural.

4. police officer

similar to a lawyer, you’re probably going to come across some things you wish you hadn’t and that’s a recipe for encountering our ghostly friends.

5. painter

want to discover a medieval painting from a haunted house? you know what to do.

6. reporter 

if movie logic tells us  anything, reporters follow clues that eventually lead them to paranormal activity.

7. librarian 

libraries are very quiet. perfect atmosphere for the dead.

8. nurse

people die in hospitals every day. there is no more likely place to be haunted than a hospital. fact.

9. hotel clerk

it’s scientifically known that most hotels are haunted. this is also a fact.

10. accountant 

the dead need to do their taxes, too!

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Randy Stancovici

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