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Quote The Raven: The Golden Office Rules


Here it is– another episode of #QuoteTheRaven, TheJobNetwork.com’s expert job-seeking & job-keeping web series! In this episode, host and job-keeping extraordinaire Raven Chiara welcomes special guest, Gary Bandit. Brace yourself for tried & true advice that’s going to keep you at your job & out of HR. Watch the video & check out the tips below!

Tips in this episode include:

How to talk about your weekend: Went to Burning Man last week? Maybe don’t highlight the spiritual-drug-filled-mind-beinding-life-altering-rave-naked-bug-filled extravaganza to your Don Draper-esque CEO. Instead, focus on the nature and fresh air…and put it in a British accent. Or how about a game of squash? That already sounds responsible…here comes that promotion, Junior!

Compliments and jokes with your coworkers: Bad jokes suck. What’s worse? Offensive bad jokes. Avoid making a crack about someone’s race, religion, creed, and orientation. Besides, Creed fans are bizarrely defensive.

Discussing a woman’s looks: Stay away here, especially all the guys out there. Nobody wants to mistake something you say for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Raven and Gary suggest the only safe thing to say, if you really want to, is “nice nails”.

Speaking of nails, stop clipping your nails at your desk…or at work. #gross

Food habits in the office: Your food is good. I am sure you think so. The rest of us think it smells foul. Just stop. You know it stinks. You are self-conscious about it. Don’t blow up the microwave with last night’s fish and chips leftovers. Please. Stop. Now.

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Yoav B. Guttman is the co-creator and co-host of Quote The Raven, a web series with a quirky take on job seeking and job keeping. He also loves traveling, pretending to be people he is not, giving unsolicitied advice, and hard-boiled eggs. Follow him on Twitter @whybegee or LinkedIn.