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How to Get a High Paying Holiday Job (No Elf Costume Required)

Written by Peter Jones

This year major retail companies will be looking to fill nearly 80,000 temporary holiday positions. And other holiday-related businesses will also be hiring employees to get them through the next few (busiest) months. This year’s holiday gig market looks to be one of the highest in the last five years.

Here are some tips on snagging a temporary gig to help pay for holiday presents!

Look Beyond Retail

There’s much more to the holiday gig market than just low-paying sales gigs in retail outlets. Any company that needs extra help will be eager for contract employees and any workers with flexible scheduling that don’t need to be on salary. The more flexible you can be with your working hours, the better your chances at getting hired.

Pay special attention to areas you might not expect to find jobs in, such as social media, marketing, recruiting, decorating, production design, photography, and customer service.

Search Smart

When applying, start with companies you know you’d like to work for, then branch out to search for openings with keywords like “holiday,” “temp,” or “seasonal.”

Don’t Skimp on your Application Package

Make sure to treat each application as you would for a normal full-time, permanent position. That means a complete application, cover letter, references, etc. And if you get an interview, dress professionally. You never know who you’ll meet in the course of your holiday employment who could help you in your career moves in the new year.

Start Looking NOW

The holiday hiring rush begins in October (though it’s never too late to start looking around!) and peaks in November. Jobs will typically run through January, even a bit later. And there’s always a chance that seasonal job will turn into something full time, if you are able to distinguish yourself on the job.

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