Self-Driving Trucks: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

What Do Self Driving Trucks Mean For the Drivers?
Written by Eric Titner

It’s a trucker’s worst nightmare—trucks that drive themselves! Getting nervous? Step on the brakes—although there may be a future where all trucks drive themselves and truckers aren’t needed, that future is not quite here yet. TruckersReport.com cuts through the noise and media hype, and sheds some light on the nation’s first self-driving truck, which has just hit the highway.

Inspiration, the futuristic new truck imagined by Daimler Trucks North America, is a technological marvel, but it’s not quite ready to face the open road without a capable, qualified trucker in the cab. It has earned a Level 3 (Limited Self-Driving Automation) rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which means that a certified driver must be behind the wheel at all times, even on stretches where it’s legally allowed to assume control of all safety-critical functions. In the event of an emergency, a human driver must be ready to assume control. Therefore, he or she must be road-ready at all times the vehicle is in operation!18

What does this mean? Inspiration can only take control during clear, daytime driving on highways. In fact, it has built-in sensors that prevent it from going into auto-pilot mode during sub-optimal conditions—a neat built-in safety feature!

So, should you be afraid that the era of the truck driver is rapidly coming to an end? Not anytime soon! Drivers will play an essential role in the shipping and hauling industry for the foreseeable future. Even if truckers were needed less behind the wheel, there are a wealth of other tasks they will be needed to perform, from loading and unloading freight to key administrative tasks, maintenance work, and more. Bottom line: spend less time worrying and more time being the best truck driver you can be!

The Nation’s First Self-Driving Truck: Everything You Need To Know

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