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Should You Come Clean About Lying on Your Resume? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Randy Stancovici

We’ve all embellished our resumes from time to time. We’ve put down Excel proficiency knowing full well that the only thing we know how to do is copy and paste into a spreadsheet. We’ve listed ourselves as fluent in Spanish even though we barely passed high school Spanish (don’t judge me). But where do we draw the line between stretching the truth and lying? And when do you we come clean about lying on our resumes?

If lying on your resume gets you the job but also gets you fired, is it really worth risking your professional reputation? Let’s take a gander at this infographic to get a better idea of when you should come clean about lying on your resume:


Source: [GQ]

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Randy Stancovici

Randy graduated Baruch College with his BBA in Marketing in 2016. He is the Content Strategist for PandoLogic, where he is involved in content marketing, promotion, and SEO.