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Show Me The Money: 8 Good-Paying Part-Time Jobs

Show Me The Money 8 Good-Paying Part-Time Jobs
Written by Joanna Hughes

part-time jobs are lucrative and plentiful, but finding them means knowing where to look. deciding on the type of job you want based on your skills and needs is a good first step. for instance, if you have small children and wish to work when they are at school, your search might focus on morning jobs. finding the right job for you is easier with thejobnetwork online search platform.

focus on jobs that suit your needs

jobs vary according to training, experience and location. some part-time jobs let you work from home. this saves on commuting time and cost. it also accommodates parents who would like to be at home with their children. other jobs might require a degree or specific experience in the field. depending on where you live, certain types of part-time jobs may be plentiful, and the pay range might differ. this post focuses on eight part-time jobs that pay well and offer flexibility.

dog walking

this part-time job is best suited to individuals who like dogs. you might need a city license. in addition, being bonded and having insurance protects you and your clients. both provide a level of security for your business. this part-time job pays between $15 and $75 per hour.

tutoring students

this position is online or in person and suits many grad students or teachers as an excellent source of extra income. tutoring for sat or medical school and law school entrance exams are higher paying. the range for tutoring depends on the subject matter and pays from $15 to $200 per hour.

web designer

this part-time job requires learned skills and a work portfolio. being able to do the job with a good turnaround time enables you to earn more. some design firms hire freelance designers at an hourly rate of $50. taking courses online or at a brick and mortar design school or college helps you move into this field.

breakfast restaurant server or staff

this is sought after by those who need to have afternoons free. such establishments close by afternoon. the pay scale ranges depend on the geographic area. restaurants in this category pay up to $4 per hour plus tips.

hair stylist

being a hair stylist takes training and a license to provide this service. however, once attained, you are able to work as much or as little as you want depending on the salon. hairstylists make about $10 per hour, with differences depending on the salon and its location.


depending on the establishment, many bartender positions require training, certification for safe food handling such as servsafe may be required. this job bays an average of $10 to $75 per hour including tips. some bartenders favor events over working at a particular facility.

tax preparation/accountant

this position can be seasonal or done at home. some individuals work for a tax preparation business while others set up their own businesses. tax preparers typically earn between $8 and $23 per hour as an employee, but self-employed workers can set an acceptable fee for clients.

fitness instructors

being fit is enviable, and many job seekers establish their own fitness business or work at a gym. getting certified in such areas as pilates or yoga helps raise your fee, and the average pay is about $20 per hour.

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