22 Signs Your Boss Hates You

Written by Peter Jones

We all think from time to time that our bosses hate us.  Rest assured, 9 times out of 10, the problem is entirely in our heads. But just in case you’re in one of those rare situations, it’s best to know the truth. At least that way you stand a chance of changing his or her view of you.

Here are 22 possible signs that your boss probably hates you, a lot.

1. Your gut tells you so

You’ve just got a bad feeling about it. Are you usually spot on with your gut feelings? If you are, you might consider taking this as a preliminary clue, rather than as a sign that you are crazy or overly anxious.

2. You’re out of the loop

Your boss doesn’t come to you with tasks or questions or involve you in big decisions and discussions. In general, you’re not asked for input on anything of import, which may mean you aren’t valued.

3. He doesn’t look you in the eye

This could be a sign that your boss is harboring a bit of hostility and would rather that go undetected. Also eye contact in general signals a certain degree of attention and trust, which you aren’t getting.

4. She never smiles at you

Or even around you. If this can’t simply be explained by a mood swing or a bad week, then you might start asking yourself questions.

5. You’re the only one getting micromanaged

Micromanagers are the absolute worst. But if you notice that no one else in your office is being subject to the same treatment, that’s a surefire sign you’re on the naughty list.

6.They avoid you

If your boss is always nipping out of the room when you enter, waiting for another elevator, swerving around a cubicle to avoid your eye, and never overlapping during your main work hours…something is up.

7. You barely exist

Your boss doesn’t acknowledge your presence or arrival with a simple nod or hello or “have a good night.” Seriously, how hard is that? There has to be a reason.

8. You’re getting monosyllables

All your questions, even “How are you?”s are met with one word answers. And emails are perfunctory with no nice greetings or signatures. Basically, if you feel you’re getting the silent treatment from a teenage girl.

9. Bad body language

Crossed arms, impatience, not looking up when you enter their office… and generally projecting an air of standoffishness.

10. You’re in email jail

Whereas your boss routinely has small meetings or conversations with your coworkers, she communicates with you solely over email, as if avoiding face time.

11. You’re not on the inside

Anytime there is a special project or important meeting, you’re not involved.

12. She keeps her door closed

Though, that might be a sign that your boss hates everyone, not just you.

13. The wall of “no”

You can’t get anything right. Every suggestion you make is put down. Every answer you give is corrected. You ask for something and you get a big fat “no.” It’s even more telling if your boss is not like this with your other coworkers.

14. He doesn’t ever get personal

Even in a particularly all-business office, personal conversations crop up now and again. If your boss is asking your coworkers about their kids and weekends and hobbies, but never you? Bad sign.

15. You get all the grunt jobs

You keep getting assigned all the jobs that no one else would touch with a 10-foot pole, well below your pay grade and experience.

16. She’s stingy with the feedback

Even when you ask for it. She doesn’t seem to care whether you progress or your work improves. This sort of indifference is not good for your relationship or your career.

17. She gives you plenty of feedback (negative, and publicly)

You’re voted Most Likely To Get Dressed Down at the Meeting. If your boss is going out of her way to embarrass or humiliate you, you’re in big trouble. That disrespect is highly unprofessional, so it’s probably coming from somewhere deep.

18. You’re not in on the jokes

It’s like middle school all over again and you’re on the outside of all the inside jokes. If there’s a lot of banter in your office and you never have to take a turn getting roasted, that could also be a bad sign.

19. He takes the credit

Every good thing you manage to accomplish, and every good idea you have, seems to be presented in the end as his.

20. Your good projects get reassigned

The one thing that kept you getting jazzed about coming into work? Gone next Monday. Given to someone else with little explanation. It’s like someone took your toy away.

21. You hear the phrase “personality clash”

If your boss says something like this out loud to describe your relationship, then chances are she doesn’t like you very much. This is polite speak for I HATE YOUR GUTS GET OUT OF MY FACE.

22. You seem to make her horribly impatient

Your boss has all the time in the world for the office dunce, for other people’s mistakes, but zero for you. She’s always short and curt and jiggling her foot.

If any of these 22 warning signs ring true for you, it might be worth a conversation, a strategy on how to change the situation, or even a search for another job. But, like we said, better to know!

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