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3 Steps to Becoming a Successful Admin Professional

Written by Peter Jones

Admins are a pretty competent and put together demographic. But we all have our own particular weaknesses—some we’re aware of, some we’re not! No matter your career stage, it never hurts to do a little self-assessment and see what can be improved.

Step 1: Assess Your Style

Everybody has their own particular organizational style. Some people make lists. Some people clear out their inbox and sort messages into folders every hour on the hour. Some people have a gnarl of papers on their desk, but always know how to find the one they need! You may be a neat and tidy pile person, and you may not.

There are great tests available online to self-assess. But no matter what you do, figuring out what works and doesn’t work for you is an important first step to figuring out what can and should be improved.

Step 2: Build Your Toolbox

This is easier said than done, and does require a thorough investigation into Step 1. But once you know your weak areas, it will be much easier to find and hone the tools to help you get them back up to snuff. Google and your trusted friends are a great resource here. So are colleagues whose organization systems you find awe-inspiring. A casual, “Hey, you have any strategies for file creep you feel like sharing?” People love to brag about how well they do things. They’ll never realize you just cried for help.

Step 3: Know the Cost

If you don’t shore up your weak spots, you could be wasting lots of your own time, your boss’s time, your company’s money. You could let things slip through the cracks and then forget them. Even if you don’t make any big mistakes, you might be constantly worried that you might, and that stress just isn’t worth it. Better to plug up all the holes in the boat and go forth with confidence that you’re steering it straight and true.

Having good—no, great organization can only help you. It will build your reputation and respect level among your coworkers and supervisors, and will keep you calm and confident in the fact that you’re aces at your job.

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