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The Administrative Assistant Every Boss Wants

Written by Eric Titner

CareerStep offers some must-see strategies for becoming the admin assistant that your boss dreams about having. Just follow these simple rules for success and consider it done!

Great administrative assistants know that the key to success on the job lies in putting together a solid work plan—one that shows that every detail, appointment, meeting, and task has been carefully considered, organized, and managed. It should also be flexible enough to deal with all those unexpected changes that can, and will, arise when least expected. Consider this your blueprint for success!

You’ll also need a core set of soft skills that will empower you to capably crush any “to do” list and turn any anxiety-filled “What do I do?” to a confident “What’s next?”. Any great admin worth his or her desk pencils understands the need to be a patient, positive, and goal-focused force of nature no matter how upset, frustrated, or irrational the boss is behaving. A solid plan, open communication, and a good attitude will help you prevail in most situations. Besides, what boss wouldn’t swoon in the face of a calm, cool, and collected assistant who helps to safely pilot their plane during heavy turbulence?

Here’s the best part: These essential survival skills for becoming the perfect admin assistant won’t just bring you success and accolades at work. They’ll help you nail every aspect of your life—from getting all of your important errands done to setting and achieving goals for the future and everything in between. It’s true—thinking and behaving like an administrative assistant will help you improve your entire life!

Office Survival Skills for Administrative Assistants


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