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What Are The Best Jobs for Lazy People?

Written by Peter Jones

People always say that you should do what you love and love what you do. But what if you love doing… nothing? Or you just don’t love what you consider “work”?

Maybe it’s time to rethink what “work” entails. Consider turning a hobby or a passion into a job. Or if you’re just truly lazy, maybe find something that requires very little effort for decent pay! It might not be glamorous, but if it suits you, then you might as well get off the hamster wheel and get paid for doing less.

Here are 10 of the best-paying and most perfect jobs for lazy people—or those who just have different inclinations in the “work” force.

1. Bed/Amenities Tester

You too can get paid over a thousand dollars a month to examine and test amenities at hotels. See if the beds and pillows are comfy and the shampoos are luxurious enough—and collect a paycheck.

2. Food Taster

You can actually make a decent salary by being a beer (or chocolate, or ice cream) tester. Seriously.

3. Secret Shopper

You could work part-time at this, getting paid only in the services you test through your spying. But this line of work can also parlay into a real, well-paid, full-time career.

4. Translator

If you speak another language (or just read) fluently, you can make over $100k a year translating from the comfort of your own home.

5. Test Subject

There are always medical students or laboratories needing test subjects for clinical trials. You might have to take experimental drugs or participate in suffer the occasional side effect, but you can make about $3k a month with almost no work. There are also sleep studies out there… so, you know, you could get paid for sleeping.

6. Tutor

If you have a special kind of knowledge or a skill that can be easily transferred and might be in demand, put yourself on the market to tutor. You’ll make even more if you can tutor standardized tests to school students. You can be paid up to $50 per hour, depending on the subject. Even more flexible and requiring less education than actual teaching!

7. Mime

Hey, to each her own. You don’t even need to speak for this job. If you have a rubber face and a bit of performance talent, then you can stand on street corners acting things out and rack up the cash.

8. Video Gamer

Love to play video games? You can actually get paid—a handsome $50k per year—to try out new video games before they hit the market, looking for errors or inconsistencies to help the programmers work out all the kinks.

9. Blogger

If you have something to say and an audience to say it to, you can make fairly good money on the internet these days. Work in your pajamas from your own laptop. Hate writing? Consider a video blog or podcast. Do well enough and you can even turn your platform into a business one day through advertising and sponsored posts.

10. Dog Walker

It seems silly, wandering around in parks with strangers’ dogs while everybody else is “at work,” but you could make up to $50 per hour walking dogs. It’s a physical job, but does let you be outdoors and gets you out of the rat race. Plus, you get to play with dogs!

Remember to think outside the box and figure out how you can turn things you already like doing into a job that will pay your bills. Different strokes!

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