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The Top 10 Jobs To Have Today

Written by Miranda Pennington

Rachel Gillett over at Business Insider has rounded up the 25 best jobs to have now. Topping the list? Physician’s Assistant, so congrats to my cousin Alex, who apparently has it made in the shade. We’re rounding up just the top 10.

1. Physicians Assistant:

There’s a high demand for this well-paying entry-level job in the medical field; average salary is $111,376, and there are 45,484 current job openings.

2. Software Engineer:

Yes, we should all have learned coding instead of taking those semesters of Italian in college. Engineers design and develop the systems that run on computers, and are paid on average $98,074 for it. There are more than 104,000 available openings in this field!

3. Business Development Manager:

This position is responsible for helping companies grow by identifying potential partnerships and prospects, then cultivating those relationships to everyone’s benefit. Average salary is $84,907, and there are currently 11,616 job openings.

4. Human Resources Manager:

This has sort of a who-watches-the-watchmen feeling about it, because who hires the human resources manager? But if you like managing staff activities and coordinating new hires, check out one of the 8,073 job openings available for this job, which earns on average $96,443.

5. Finance Manager:

In this job, you’d help companies manage their money and attend to their business needs; average salary is $122,865, and there are 9,728 job openings. If you like numbers and rock at organizing spreadsheets, this might be the gig for you.

6. Marketing Manager:

Are you noticing a trend? Management should be your end goal in a lot of these industries. A marketing manager coordinates—surprise!—the marketing of an organization’s products and services. There are 14,647 job openings in this field, with an average salary of $100,130.

7. Database Administrator:

Enjoy staying on top of inventories and customer transaction records? Consider this position, where you might earn on average $97,835 and have 9,790 chances to find the right place to work.

8. Product Manager:

Are you the consummate team player? Project managers supervise design and production teams to produce and market products. There are 10,294 job openings, with an average salary of $113,363.

9. Data Scientist:

One of the downsides of all the data mining we do these days is that it’s all just a pile of numbers without someone to interpret the findings and identify trends. There are 3,449 job openings with an average salary of $104,476.

10. Sales Manager:

Last on our round up for today (and sorry, for this introvert, kind of least) is the sales manager oeuvre—there’s an average salary of $121,657 and are 3,982 openings to choose from. So if you can find a place with a company you like and don’t mind cold-calling on the regular, this could be a great field to pursue.


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