The top 100 transportation jobs to look for right now

Written by Sheryl Posnick

If you’re interested in a career in transportation, or in finding a new career in the field, the tides of the industry are on your side. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs that fall under the category of “transportation and material moving” are projected to grow through the year 2024, adding hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Jobs in transportation can fall under many umbrellas. Check out the most thriving jobs in the field and see if one might be a good fit for you.

Air Asset Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Aircraft Captain

Aircraft Quality Control Inspector

Airfield Operations Manager

Airfield Operations Specialist

Airfield Operations Supervisor

Airline Dispatcher

Airport Grounds Operations Worker

Airport Manager

Airport Transporter

Airworthiness Specialist

Ambulance Driver

Aviation Manager

Aviation Safety Inspector

Boat Captain

Boat Operator

Boom Truck Operator

Bulk Driver

Bus Driver


Class A Driver

Class B Driver



Deck Officer

Dock Master


Driver Helper

Driver Manager

Driver Supervisor

Driving Teacher

Dump Truck Operator

Emergency Vehicle Driver

Equipment Mover

Flatbed Truck Driver

Flight Analyst

Flight Attendant

Flight Coordinator

Flight Engineer

Flight Instructor

Flight Navigator

Flight Scheduler

Forklift Operator

General Transportation Director

Helicopter Pilot

Household Mover

Jet Pilot

Locomotive Engineer

Log Truck Driver

Mapping Pilot

Marine Oiler

Medical Cylinder Driver

Motor Coach Operator

Over the Road Driver (OTR Driver)

Owner / Operator

Pallet Jack Operator

Parking Lot Attendant

Parking Services Specialist

Parking Systems Manager

Passenger Service Agent

Patient Transport Driver

Pick Up and Delivery Driver


Rail Motor Coach Operator

Ramp Agent

Relief Driver

Residential Driver

Route Driver


Sanitation Driver

Service Station Attendant

Ship Captain

Ship Chief Engineer

Ship Navigator

Ship Superintendent

Shuttle Driver

Simulator Instructor


Stacker Operator

Street Cleaning Equipment Operator

Subway and Streetcar Operator

Taxi Driver

Test Pilot

Test Pilot Manager

Ticket Agent

Tolling Specialist

Tow Truck Driver

Train Manager

Transit Director

Transit Manager

Transit Operator

Transit Planner

Transportation Aide

Transportation Analyst

Transportation Facility Representative

Transportation Inspector

Transportation Mobility Manager


Truck Driver

Van Driver

Wheelchair Van Driver

Yard Hostler

According to BLS, the median annual wage for transportation occupations was $30,730 in 2016.

Education requirements differ for professions within the transportation field—many ask for no formal education or a high school diploma, while some require a post-secondary degree.

This is a varied fields with lots of opportunity nationwide—do some searching to find the perfect position for your career goals!

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