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These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You to Watch Movies

Written by Peter Jones

Ever joke about how your dream job would be to get paid to sit around and watch Netflix all day in your pajamas? Turns out that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. You could turn your dream job into a real job. Honest.

Netflix employs people called “Taggers” to watch upcoming content and help flag it into proper categories, i.e. “Indie Movies with a Strong Female Lead,” or “Critically Acclaimed TV Dramas.” This is done mostly by choosing words from a pool of 1,000 to best describe the program. These tags then interact with the larger algorithm that generate personalized recommendations for viewers.

In 2014, Netflix advertised widely that they were looking for a new tagger in the UK or Ireland. Recently, in the U.S., they were looking for a Kids’ Content Tagger–someone passionate about children’s programming able to deftly sort different shows and movies into different categories based on age, theme, interests, etc.

The original Tagger job was a part-time, one-year position that allowed you to work remotely, for 15 hours per week, on the Enhanced Content Kids team. Bonus points went to those with critical or analytical experience—or better yet, experience in children’s education or entertainment.

While these positions are likely to have tons of applicants and quickly fill up, keep your eye open on Netflix’s Careers page in case a similar opportunity becomes available. Make those Work From Couch dream a reality!

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