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Top 12 High Paying Part-Time Jobs With Good Work-Life Balance

Written by Peter Jones

Need some extra income? Or just need a job, period, and prefer to work part time? Keep in mind that not all part-time jobs are created equal. Some people find themselves earning next to nothing, while others find themselves in pretty lucrative high paying part-time jobs. Find one that pays well and gives you the flexibility and compensation you need. Make sure to match a job to your particular skill set and expertise—not to mention your interests!

Here are 12 of the high paying part time jobs out there, across a range of skills and fields.

1. Child Care

From casual babysitting for cash on the side to tutoring (independently or through a service) and working in a classroom or after-school program, there are always jobs taking care of children. You could even consider a job as a camp counselor.

2. Senior Care

Ditto for senior citizens. If you enjoy working with the elderly, you could work in a senior center, a care facility, retirement home, or even doing in-home medical care. You could also work in transportation assistance.

3. Health Care

There are always job openings out there in the health profession. Work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, patients’ homes. Be a nurse, technician, equipment salesperson, pharmaceutical sales rep… the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless.

4. Computer Support/Web Design

People always need tech support or design help. These jobs are particularly good for part-time work. If you’re really good with computers and/or design, you can make quite a bit of money in this field, even on the side.

5. Consultant/Freelancer

Depending on your particular expertise and the field you’d want to work in, this is always a good part-time option. It’s particularly easy to get this kind of work if you’re a lawyer, medical professional, writer, or teacher. But the case can be made in nearly any field. You can customize this work around your particular strengths and schedule.

6. Online Teaching

With more and more classes being taught online, this is a great opportunity to get a part-time job and teach—from home. You could arrange this through a college or university, if qualified, or start your own continuing education class in your city or town.

7. Pet Care

If you love pets, consider dog walking, pet sitting, even pet grooming. Or look for part-time admin work at your local vet office. It never hurts to sweeten your pitch by getting a bit of training in animal behavior or pet first aid as well. Bonus: if you do so, you can probably raise your rates!

8. House Sitting

Work from home from someone else’s house! Stay in different places around your area (or the world) and make a bit of money whenever someone needs to leave town for a short (or long) trip.

9. Catering

If you can work evenings and/or weekends, catering serving can be a great gig. It’s often taxing, very physical work, but you usually get a good hourly rate and the gigs are plentiful.

10. Personal Assisting

Be someone’s personal assistant, either locally or virtually. Check sites like Care.com for potential jobs. Run errands, tidy offices, etc.

11. Fitness

If you have qualifications in yoga or personal training, you can make great money doing private sessions on the side. You’ll need first aid and CPR certification, but if you can build a solid client base, you’ll be looking at some great steady income.

12. Call Centers

Especially if you’re willing to work overnight shifts, evenings, and weekends, when most call center employees would rather not schedule their shifts, you can get hired to offer customer support, account management, or telemarketing. Usually only requires a high school diploma.

Bottom line: pick something you’d be good at, that complements your skills and experience, and that fits with your schedule needs, and you can’t go wrong.

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