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Top 12 Most Useful Apps for Busy Professionals

Written by Peter Jones

We’re all attached to our smartphones all the time. Why not make the most of them? Here are the 12 most useful apps for professionals in the know and on the go. You’ll probably wonder how you ever got through your worklife without them.

1. Pocket

Who has time to read all the articles from Twitter and Facebook that we want to, on the fly? Pocket lets you save content for future reads, from multiple programs. And the content is available offline for subway or airplane reading.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management app which makes team collaboration a snap. Brainstorm, allocate tasks, and monitor checklists all from the app.

3. TeuxDeux

This iOS-only app is the to-do list for the ages. Mark things off with a snap and be sure that unfinished tasks will roll over to the next day.

4. TurboScan

Take a picture of a document with your phone and turn it into a JPG or a PDF. You can stop hoarding receipts and unnecessary paperwork and digitize your files in a snap.

5. LastPass

Store all of your passwords (securely) in one place—especially the ones that require you to change them every 60 days.

6. 30/30

30/30(iOS only) helps you focus and tune out distractions by setting a timer for you to work on one task at a time. Tune out all the outside noise and the distraction of being pulled in multiple directions.

7. Doodle

Give up the endless scheduling email chain. Doodle let’s participants set their availability and then it comes up with meeting times that everyone can make. Easy.

8. SwiftKey

Free yourself from cringeworthy autocorrects. This app replaces your keyboard with one that will adapt to your particular typing quirks. You’ll type faster and typos won’t end up grotesquely out of context.

9. SignEasy

Forget printing, signing, scanning. SignEasy helps you e-sign documents (PDF or Word) wherever you are.

10. Circa

Get the day’s leading news headlines in a quick and easy format so you can catch up over coffee breaks and at lunch and still be in the know.

11. Venmo

Don’t be the jerk at the dinner party with no cash and no Venmo. Or the one who can’t contribute to the boss’s holiday gift on the fly. Send money to anyone with the app—instantly and securely.

12. Mint

Monitor your bank accounts, your spending patterns, pay your bills on time, and set a budget you can keep.

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