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Top 15 upcoming jobs to look out for this fall

Written by Michael Hoon

The summer is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about packing away the swimsuit and pulling the business-wear back out of the closet. If you don’t already have a job lined up for this coming fall—or are thinking that it might be time for a career change—you don’t have to worry that nothing’s out there. Quite a few industries are thriving, and looking to hire this fall. Here are 15 of them.

1. Healthcare

People are always going to get sick or injured—that’s just a fact of life. The upside of this unfortunate reality is that the healthcare industry will always need people to help treat the constant inflow of patients. Registered nurses are currently needed more than any other healthcare professionals, but there are also plenty of openings for licensed vocational and practical nurses, as well as physical therapists. For those who have nursing degrees, the job market is pretty rich at the moment.

2. Sales

You don’t need a degree to go into sales, just a strong drive to serve customers and the ability to make whatever you’re selling desirable. If you have a knack for convincing consumers that they simply cannot live without Apple’s latest iPhone, you’re in luck, because telecommunication sales is particularly hot right now. The best positions offer both an hourly wage and commissions.

3. Management

Salespeople and other business associates need some guidance to do their jobs. That’s where management comes in. Of course, management is not only needed in the retail sector. Medical managers, health services managers, and marketing managers are also very much in demand at the moment.

4. Office and administrative support work

It’s a good time to be in administration. New positions for office and administrative support workers are opening at a break-neck pace, especially in big cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Customer service representatives, executive secretaries, office-worker supervisors, and executive administrative assistants are in high demand to keep business rolling smoothly. Monster.com recently added more than 388,000 listings for admin professionals, so it’s a great time to be one.

5. Accounting

Accounting may not be the most exciting profession in the world, but these cagy number crunchers are needed in a number of industries this fall. One reason for the high number of accounting positions is the abundance of new companies that started up in the wake of the economic collapse a decade ago. Those relatively new companies are still on the lookout for help in their accounting departments, and brand new companies are kicking into gear all the time, which means that accounting jobs should be abundant for some time.

6. Personal financial services

Although we’re a decade removed from the financial collapse, the economy is still working its way onto its feet and people are still very much in need of advice regarding the most sensible way to handle their money in the current climate. Financial planners help people at all economic levels to manage their money. They help the rich stay rich and the less fortunate to keep their heads above water, and they are very necessary these days.

7. Consulting

The rise in new businesses has also increased the demand for consultants. They’re the people who offer sage advice for running businesses as efficiently as possible. They offer suggestions on making the most of personnel, managing clients effectively, and other key moves.

8. Call centers

Another industry on the rise is the call center business. More and more, customer service is being handled over the phone. Call center workers both help customers with problems and handle sales. Initially, this kind of work tended to get outsourced, but public outcry has resulted in call centers opening up in the United States. Those with traditional sales and customer service experience may decide to put their skills to use at one of these new domestic call centers. The jobs are definitely out there.

9. Transportation

The popularity of online sales is one reason that call center work is thriving these days. The online retail industry has also created a high demand for the delivery people who transport the products purchased through Amazon, Fresh Direct, and other online companies. That means truckers and other drivers should have a fairly easy time getting work these days. Those who are interested in transporting people instead of goods may find work for companies such as Lyft and Uber.

10. Computer support

The twenty-first century’s decisive move to an online environment means that all manner of computer-related industries continue to enjoy boon times. Like call center work, computer support work used to be outsourced to high degree, but this is also changing. IT is coming home again.

11. Software

Our reliance on the Internet also means that the demand for new software developments is constant without any sign of decline in the near future. With new computing systems, devices, apps, and gadgets popping up on a seemingly daily basis, those who can develop new software for such technologies are vital.

12. Food preparation and service

While industries such as transportation, accounting, and personal financial services are on the rise because of specific contemporary factors, the strength of the food industry is pretty constant. However, certain areas of the industry are certainly in a growth phase this fall, such as supervisors and servers. The fast food industry may be less mighty than it once was, but food preparers and servers are still very much needed at McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Wendy’s. Cooks are needed too.

13. Repair and maintenance

Here’s another old-fashioned industry that also continues to deliver the jobs. Those who are great with their hands and have a knack for installing appliances and performing automotive maintenance or general repairs will find a very welcoming job market. Supervisors for mechanics, installers, and repair people are also necessary in today’s market.

14. Engineering

One of the greatest crises facing the United States at the moment is its crumbling infrastructure. Roads, bridges, dams, and airports are in dire condition, creating safety hazards that could turn tragic without serious work. Civil engineers are responsible for redesigning our infrastructure, and the demand for them is definitely on the rise. However, engineers do not just rebuild the physical structures on which we drive. Biomedical engineers work on our bodies, and the rising healthcare industry has opened a great need for them as well.

15. Construction

Engineers are not alone in reviving our infrastructure. Once they have redesigned our roads and buildings, construction workers are then needed to do the physical labor. The explosion in real estate that has seen new apartment buildings and condominiums spring up all over our nation’s cities has made way for a lot of construction opportunities too. Supervisors and workers who extract old materials before new construction can begin are also benefitting from the construction boom that is making this fall a hot time for the job market.

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