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Top 5 Job Searching Trends of 2016

Written by Peter Jones

The job market is always tough. But every year you’ll find there are distinct trends that dominate the search process. Here are the top 5 current job searching trends to bear in mind, whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a career change.

1. Hot Fields

If it has something to do with technical advancement—analytics, mobile networks, healthcare, automation—then chances are it’s an “it” field. Even if the tech sector at large is maybe slowing it’s growth a tad, these fields are booming. If you’re looking for an industry that will aggressively recruit, those might be your best bet.

2. The Relative Unimportance of School

College is always a good idea—a degree is, in fact, essential in many fields. But it’s not the only important factor in an application. So don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t go to Harvard, or even the fancier of three state schools near you. What matters most is the skill set you’ve acquired—and your commitment to keep learning more. Stay sharp and go after the skills most valuable to employers in your field—even if just through a few online community college classes.

3. Talent Communities

Talent communities are an interactive discussion forum linking companies, their employees and potential employees, and HR reps. Often this is where you’ll get the specifics you need to target an application or get your biggest questions answered. Try Dice for IT, or Mediabistro for communications. And use your smartphone or tablet for the best functionality.

4. Apps

While we’re on the subject of mobile devices, why not take your job search out into the daylight with you? There are more and more job seeker apps out there, like Switch or Jobr. They won’t do all the work for you, but they’ll help you feel more connected and proactive.

5. Working Remotely

Open yourself up to the possibility of accepting a job in a virtual workforce. Not only does this widen your search geographically speaking, it means you can sometimes work in your pajamas, provided you can show results. More and more companies are considering remote employees; why not get in while the going’s good?

The bottom line is: the job market is in constant flux. Keep abreast of the latest trends and try and put your toe in each of them. Adapt to the changing climate. Staying current will also mean you stay competitive.

5 Trends for Job Seekers in 2016

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