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Top 5 Jobs for Great Work Life-Balance

Written by Peter Jones

ever wondered how some people make it work? how you could manage to maintain a satisfying career, pay the bills, but still have time to travel or have a family life?

sometimes it’s best to think outside of the box a bit and look to a few jobs you might not expect would fit the bill. forbes recently featured 25 jobs that could give you the best of both worlds, and still pay enough to keep you where you want to be. here are our top 5.

1. web designer

have an eye for good design? a mind for technology? a self-managing style? consider a career in web design. a bit of training and talent can net you an average of $53k per year with tons of flexibility. you could work from anywhere!

2. software developer

this ones is another step in the web direction, if you’re good at that sort of thing. software developers usually have flexible hours and locations, and can make up to $80k per year.

3. client manager

prefer the structure of working for a company, rather than on your own? still want a bit more flexibility? client managing can win you over $71k per year and will still leave you time to make lunches for your kids.

4. substitute teacher

have teaching skills, but don’t want to be tied down to a full scholastic year? have a bit of money saved to work on starting your own business? or just don’t need to pull in all that much? substitute teaching can be a great way to keep yourself working—as much or as little as you want—without long-term commitment, and can earn you almost $25k a year.

5. social media manager

this gig let’s you be involved in a company without having to stay late and come early to keep it running; you act as that company’s mouthpiece instead! social media managing can be a low-stress, often enjoyable way to go to work every day. and at an average of $40k a year, the salary isn’t half bad either.

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