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Top 5 Overlooked and Rewarding Healthcare Careers

Written by Miranda Pennington

think outside the box if you have a passion for healthcare, but want to avoid more typical career paths. this field is filled to the brim with fascinating opportunities for all different skill sets. here are 5 careers that showcase the career diversity of industry. is one right for you?

medical transcriptionist

this position consists of typing up doctors’ audio recordings into medical reports; it is vital to maintaining smooth administrative activity and coordinating care across disciplines. the more you work, the more you’ll make; the average earnings for this position are around $36,000. the perks include flexible schedules, the ability to work from home, and affordable training programs that can certify you in just a few months.


dietitians studying the science of nutrition and food. in this profession, you work with clients to assess their health needs and goals, develop plans of action and exercise, and advise them about their diets. the average salary is $59,000. dietitians can work in all kinds of institutions, from hospitals to long-term care, colleges to program offices. you may also be able to work part-time and set flexible hours. you’ll need a degree and a license in order to practice.

healthcare it specialist

the growing tech needs of the healthcare industry mean that specialized it professionals can find rewarding, lucrative work in this field. responsibilities include installing and maintaining records systems and networks, providing support to coworkers, and securing industry certifications like cmaa and cehrs. salary can range from $37,000 to $59,000 annually.


midwives are childbirth specialists trained in monitoring pregnancy, birth, and post-partum care. positions exist in hospitals, birthing centers, and even remotely in various homes. the on-call hours can be demanding, but scheduling is flexible and the work is undeniably rewarding. salaries can run as high as $96k, and the field requires licensing and regular certification updates.

medical coder

medical codes are used in healthcare to identify procedures and health issues for insurance and billing purposes. the average pay is $50,000 annually, more with specialized certifications; coders work in hospitals, institutions, and related office settings. make sure you find a worthwhile training program that will provide you with support and job placement after graduation.

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