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Top 9 Stress Relieving Activities at Work That’ll Keep You Happy

Written by Jessie Liu

Ever wish a stress superhero could save you from chaotic meetings, fast approaching deadlines, never ending projects or traffic jams? Well, you can become your own stress-busting superhero. Here are some quick and easy stress relieving activities at work that will keep you happy and productive!

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1. Go Walking

Did you know walking for even 10 minutes after 3 hours at your desk can lift your mood by 40%?!  If the weather is nice outside, you can just step outside and walk around the block or to the nearest park. Walking will not only make you live longer, but also give you more energy throughout the day. I highly recommend going out for a walk after lunch, and then once in the afternoon to break up the day.

walking to destress

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2. Listen to Music

The best part about music is that when you listen to it, you will start relating yourself to the lyrics of the song, and make you feel on “top of the world”. The beats of music will help enhancing your mood and relaxing your muscles. So put on a headphone and start listening to your favorite beats.

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3. Healthy Snacks

Eating delicious and healthy snacks will keep your stress level low. It will have exceptional positive change in you and even people around you. Your good mood will send positive vibes at your workplace. So start packing healthy snacks and you will be happy all day.

While eating don’t stuff your mouth.

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4. Stretch Your Body Regularly

5. Put Loved Ones’ Pictures On Your Desk

Spending time with your family is a great stress buster. Having a picture of your loved ones on your desk will remind all the great times you had with your family and it will automatically bring a smile to your face. It will boost your productivity throughout the day.


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6. Browse the Internet

Take a break from your usual work, and just head over to a stock photography site to look at pleasant photos of nature. Google has a Art Project site that features the best art collection. My personal favorites are these sites: Cuteoverload, The Thoughts Room.

browse the internet

7. Yoga

Yoga and breathing exercise are the best technique to de-stress. Check out this video to learn how you can change your mood for good.

8. Quick nap

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison all have in common? They all made important contributions to the advancement of mankind, and they were all avid power nappers. A power nap of 15 – 20 minutes can do wonder to your health and helps you to focus on your work. It recharges your body and mind to a more successful and productive day.

stress relieving nap

9. Smile

Just smile and you will feel the difference!



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