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The Top Careers for Women in 2017

Written by Kate Lopaze

New year, new you. Or, if you’re anything like me, it’s more like new year, slightly-different-ish you, despite the best intentions. Either way, you get props for aspiring to change this year. One of the best ways to effect personal change is to look at your career—where it is, what your current trajectory is, and where you want to be by this time next year. If you’re doing this self-audit, we’ve got your covered on your next steps!

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Build Your Roadmap

Once you’ve decided that you need a new job (or an entirely different career path), it’s important to know where you’re going and how to get there. Otherwise, inertia and do-it-later-itis kick in, and your progress goals just don’t get met. If you’re at a loss on how and where to get started, check out the following links to help you find your way. You’ll need a plan—don’t get started without one.

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Think Outside the Box

We’ve made a lot of strides, career-wise, to the point where people are not as likely to classify work as “women’s jobs” or “men’s jobs.” Still, there are plenty of areas where women haven’t started working in big numbers, even when they have the skills and experience to do the job. Nontraditional jobs are a huge source of potential for women this year, if you just look for opportunities you might not have considered before. One major example of this: trucking. Commercial driver’s licenses have no gender, yet it’s still a male dominated field, rife with opportunities for women who want to take their driving and logistical skills to the open road.

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In 2017, there’s less reason than ever to assume that you shouldn’t even be considering a job because it seems too much like a “man’s” job or a “women’s” job. Find a field that’s growing and hiring, and go for it!

It’s a Digital World, We Just Live In It

Right now, tech is the hot spot when it comes to jobs, followed closely by data analysis. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts huge growth for tech jobs over the next ten years, so it’s time to take those technical skills (or go out and learn how to code), and look to the tech sector for your next big opportunity.

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If your background isn’t in app development or IT, don’t worry—you can still get into hot tech companies through jobs like marketing management, social media management, or operations. Whatever your background and skill set, it’s time to see how you can take them and apply them to the digital-focused fields that are hiring this year.

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 Watch U.S. Job Trends

It’s not just the career world that’s changing this year—there are big changes in the overall U.S. landscape as well this year. Two of the most prominent careers that will be changing this year are healthcare and manufacturing, so it’s important to stay on top of those trends.

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Whether you agree with the changes or not, you can focus how you can benefit from hiring booms and shifts in conventional wisdom. Always know what’s going on in either your industry, or an industry you’re looking to break into.

 Find the Right Work-Life Balance

If you want your career to balance better with other obligations this year, like family, think about looking for part-time or flexible work so that you can tailor your schedule to your own needs. More and more, flex work is finding a place in many people’s lives, and companies know they have to tinker their offerings to find and keep the top people. Gone are the days where the best and brightest must put in 60-hour weeks to show their worth. You can find and build a career while maintaining a non-work life, as well.

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As companies look for ways to save overhead costs, working remotely could be one of the prime areas of opportunity in 2017.

 You Don’t Always Need a Degree

If you don’t have a degree from a four-year college, you still have tons of jobs available to you. Never count yourself out—more an more, companies are valuing actual skills and work experience. The actual degree is not the first thing they look for anymore when making hiring decisions. If you present yourself as savvy, with great people skills and a willingness to learn (either on the job, or in continuing ed classes), you can absolutely be a competitive candidate for many jobs.

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Do Good, Earn Well

Finally, if you’re interested in a career where you can benefit others, there are growing opportunities to do that in the nonprofit sector.

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No matter what you’re interested in doing, 2017 has amazing potential. If you keep your eyes open to opportunities around you, by this time next year, you could be reflecting on how much your professional landscape has changed in such a short time. Good luck!

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Kate Lopaze is a writer, editor, and digital publishing professional based in New York City. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Emerson College with degrees in English and publishing, she is passionate about books, baseball, and pop culture (though not necessarily in that order), and lives in Brooklyn with her dog.