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Want a Summer Job? Head to Orlando

Written by Peter Jones

Are you looking for a good summer gig or know a teenager, young adult, student, or new grad who is? The job market for this age bracket is a tough one—there’s an unfortunate trend toward unpaid internships for younger workers, and lately adults have been overloading the service industry.

But research suggests that the top market out of 150 large U.S. markets for summer employment is actually sunny Orlando, FL, home of Mickey and Minnie! Orlando scored this ranking across a survey of 21 key metrics, including access to public transport and the level of the minimum wage, but notably came in third in availability of summer jobs. Scotsdale, AZ, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL, came in second and third, respectively.

Orlando has the most part-time job openings per 1,000 people in the youngest age group in their labor force—they get about a 4% bump in summer employment, which is hard to beat almost anywhere else.

So hone in on the summer tourism industry (thank you Walt Disney Resort and Universal) and look no further for summer employment opportunities and internships. It’s often very hard work, particularly at Disney, but it’s decent paying work and it’s ready and waiting for you.

What’s the worst place, you might ask? The WalletHub survey named Moreno Valley, CA, as everything Orlando wasn’t—and worst for summer jobs. They have a high unemployment rate for that same 16-24 age group, with many living below the poverty line, and zero bump in employment numbers for the summer.

So if you need a summer job and can’t find one where you live? Try Orlando.

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